Leaf Blower

Landscape Maintenance 101: Power Through Big Leaf Cleanup with a Leaf Blower

Leaves can be a source of mixed feelings for a garden owner. Tall and green, they look nice and provide us with a thick and cool shade when they’re still on their trees. But come autumn and leaves become the greatest enemy to a garden’s impeccable look. Not only are you left with a bare tree, but you also have a lot of mess to clean up. And if you want to round up every last leaf from your lawn, raking will simply not cut it. To get rid of fallen leaves quick and efficient, you need to reach for a leaf blower.

Leaf blowers are versatile tools. Not only can they take the load of autumn clean-up, but they also can be used as patio and driveway sweepers, snow blowers and even car cleaners. In fact, there are lots of genius ways you can use a leaf blower that don’t have anything to do with leaves.

Leaf Blowing

Like every other garden tool, leaf blowers also come in the form of electric and gas models. Electric models are an environment friendly option because they do not cause much pollution, unlike gas-ones. Additionally, they run much quieter and won’t result in complaints about the noise from your neighbours. Homeowners love them because they are lightweight and easy to use, but their affordable price might also have something to do with the growing electric leaf blower trend. While corded models might restrict how far you get to use them, there are also battery-powered ones which make this tool portable for using around your whole property.

On the other hand, there are the bulky gas-powered models which display a maximum amount of power. This makes them the most convenient tool to sweep a large area free of leaves. No wonder they are the top choice for cleaning public areas and sports arenas. Because they don’t involve any cords, gas powered leaf blowers can be used almost everywhere. Their only disadvantages are that they are heavy, make a lot of noise, expel toxic fumes and are a lot more expensive than electric models.

Of course, the more the power, the more noise your blower will make, which is why these tools can have a bad rep among certain people. But manufacturers have responded to this problem by including mufflers with the noisy gas-powered blowers. However, even if you do purchase a model with a muffler, always use ear protection because the decibel level can still be too dangerous for your ears. In the end, all that noise and power serves a great purpose. There’s no easier way to quickly gather large quantities of leaves into manageable piles which you can quickly dispose of or use as mulch for your lawn.

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