Double-Sided Adhesive Tape: The Secret Behind Seamless Results

Even though everything has its lifespan, something we all are aware of, when we go shopping and purchase things, somehow we still expect them to last a lifetime. I had this sort of epiphany if you will when I had to go through the trouble of fixing the visible seams of my artificial grass, that appeared all of a sudden. One day the grass was perfectly installed, the other it looked like it could do with a replacement.

As I’d found out upon searching for a solution, preferably one that wouldn’t cost me and arm and a leg, I was surprised to know many were having the same problem, some because of poor installation, others because of poor grass and ruptured seams. Needless to say, having corrections done as I was informed would cost more than the installation itself, which made me look for other solutions that wouldn’t break my bank. The secret to my invisible seams now happens to be adhesive tape, the double-sided type.

Isn’t it amazing? A tape saved me from either splurging on new grass purchase, or paying expensive repairs. I’ve seen many people opting for the nail or staple alternative, but the adhesive tape can provide you with a neat result, as it’s invisible unlike the easy-spotted nails and staples, that doesn’t take up as much effort or time to get a repairing job done.

This is the sort of tape that can be coated with rubber adhesive, acrylic, or silicone, and can be both thick and thin, varying on either it’s based on fabric or paper respectively. Not surprisingly, this sort of tape is so versatile, it’s also compatible with materials other than artificial grass, such as plastic, masonry, timber, as well as metal and roofing materials among others.

This goes to show it’s ideal for a number of projects, so if you’re a person who loves DIY, or coming up with perfect solutions for minor problems at home, don’t forget to stack up on this secret sealing weapon.

For instance, if you live in an apartment, where the sound insulation isn’t exactly what you expect it to be and you can actually hear your neighbours’ conversations (to say the least!), you can easily fix this problem by adding an underlayer to your floor or foam to your walls with the help of a double-sided tape. You can say bye to slipping accidents on the stairs, or floor, by using this tape underneath rugs. Protect house wrap seams from water by covering them up with double-sided tape.

Let’s also not forget you can make use of this incredible tape with your arts, crafts, and photos on a wall, and surprisingly (or not) with fashion as well; did you know some women use this tape to stick clothing to fit seamlessly (e.g. sticking collars), and Asian women use it to get double eyelids? The versatility is impressive!

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