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Discover the Power of Battery Chargers

Life is full of precious moments and though we don’t have time machines yet to be able to relive them, lucky for us we can rely on photographs and videos to help us out. When you take to the road and go off to explore more of the world, visiting new and exciting places, getting to know different cultures, tasting savoury meals, you depend on treasuring everything you go through with your camera. However, the minute something goes wrong with our electronics, we get to a state of panic. This goes to show just how dependent we are on technology.

After finding myself in similar situations, dealing with constantly buying new batteries, I realised the importance of equipping with the right gadgets and devices, particularly smart battery chargers, and not simply buying electronics for the sake of buying. The reasons I now carry a battery charger with me wherever I go are many, starting from the convenience, to saving time and money.

Of course, owning this kind of charger means never missing out on a good photo anymore as I have my camera running smoothly all the time with the help of my rechargeable batteries. Another situation where they can save you is when you depend on the use of a flashlight and they rid you of the worry about whether the batteries would cease functioning right when you need them most in the dark of the night.

smar -battery charger

Unlike in their very beginnings, battery chargers nowadays are more compact, lightweight and easy to carry. On the plus side as well, they’re very durable and differ in design so you can find chargers for everyone’s needs, be it for regular charging through a wall outlet, the USB option or car port charging. Certain designs, as are the smart battery chargers, even allow charging of different types of batteries and have specific features, such as built in timer control and temperature protection.

I opted for the smart ones because they are designed to extend the life of the batteries thanks to the ability to reduce the power supply once a battery is charged, so I no longer fret overcharging. Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable ones use the same amount of energy over time, constantly at 1.2 volts, as opposed to the 1.5 that considerably drop down until they get fully spent. Perhaps one of the main advantages to using battery chargers and rechargeable batteries is the one that has to do with protecting the environment.

No matter whether your rechargeable batteries are based on nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium, they’re both better than disposable batteries as they don’t have the tendency to leak and corrode and can be used considerably longer, therefore there is reduction in waste as well as the energy to create new batteries. Battery chargers can really save the day, and if you don’t have one yet but want to protect the environment and save on time and money, now is as good a time as any to get one and reap all the benefits.

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