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Get a Surface Mounted Socket Outlet to Prevent Cable Mess & Stress

There is an ancient Chinese proverb: one can never have enough power outlets. Actually I just made that up, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true, especially in this day and age where technology is so tightly integrated into our everyday life. We depend on electricity to power our smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, consoles, entertainment systems, blenders, mixers, juicers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and those are just the things from the top of my mind. Managing all of your electrical appliances requires a lot of power outlets and they need to be at the right places.

However, we take power outlets for granted which is probably why they are often overlooked whether we are buying a new apartment, building a house, or renovating. We just expect to have enough outlets for all our electronics and we end up with a mess of entangled extension cords and power bars which is not only impractical and looks ugly, it is potentially dangerous as well. You can avoid all that by installing a surface mounted socket outlet in all the right places and make sure you have enough for all your electronics. So here are some of the places you might want to consider.

Surface Mounted Socket Outlet

Obviously, there are many small and large electrical appliances in your kitchen. You will need a decent amount of power outlets for around your kitchen island for mixers, blenders, juicers, and make sure to put some higher amperage plugs for your refrigerator or microwave. A surface mounted socket outlet under your cabinet is also a good idea if you want to install some energy efficient LED lighting.

When it comes to the living room, you will need a bunch of outlets just for your entertainment system. This includes your flat screen TV, sound system, modem, gaming consoles, and so on. Also, there is always at least one device that needs charging, whether it’s your phone, tablet, laptop, or a drone. So, install power outlets in all corners to avoid having to queue your devices for charging.

Power plugs in the bathroom should be rated for use around water. Make sure you have them at all the right location where the appliances are used to avoid extension cords running across the sink which can be very dangerous.

For the outlets in the bedroom, you need to figure out where your bed is going to be and install the outlets accordingly. You will need power outlets on both sides of the bed and you can hide them behind the night stand.

When it comes to the style of the power outlets, there is a large variety to choose from. You can go for plain white plastic sockets or ones with a metallic finish. This of course, depends on your taste and your home design.

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