The 4X4 Aspect of Camping: Getting Around Safely

If you are lucky enough to have a decent 4×4 vehicle that is reliable on nearly all terrains and during different weather conditions, I am sure you are also aware of the harsh reality that sometimes it just isn’t enough. Things like recovery track, caravan stone shield and other stuff can offer you the much needed additional security and stability. This means you need to look for camping 4×4 accessories for sale. In this article, I will go in depth regarding the most necessary camping 4×4 accessories.

Recovery Tracks

The primary purpose of this accessory is to offer grip and level crossing for any 4×4 vehicle through soft, sandy, snowy and muddy terrains. This accessory works by creating more space than the tires can create. While setting the track, one has to use grips or lugs and set it at the right angle. The most common situation when a surface grip is used is when the vehicle is stuck in wet conditions and the tires have no adhesion properties.

4X4 Accessories For Sale

If you are Australian, you are indeed looking for this kind of 4X4 accessories for sale. The main reason for this is Australia’s sandy roads and for the purpose of getting to your favourite place, you must go through these unpredictable terrains. For that reason, a lot of Australians use the Maxtrax recovery track. Maxtrax is an Australian brand that appeared on the market in 2005, and it was created by award winning designers. Today, it is regarded one of the best safe, simple, quick and easy ways of vehicle recovery from sand, slush and mud.

The primary function of this track in Australia is to get vehicles out of sandy areas. It is made from moulded plastic hence offers that needed durability and stability in those sandy situations. On both sides of the track there are lugs, so when the vehicle starts moving, the device begins digging into the ground and will form a grip surface so the car can finally move.

Caravan Stone Shield

If you are concerned about damaging your front end, then equipping caravan stone shield is the most cost-effective and reliable way to protect your vehicle. With this accessory, your caravan or trailer will keep its shape for many years to come. The primary function of the stone shield is to guard and stop rocks and other debris from chipping or even damaging the vehicle’s paintwork. While being easy to install, they are made from reinforced rip stop mesh and two big rubber mud flaps designed to protect the vehicle’s undercarriage.

4×4 Wheel Step

Small things make a huge difference, especially when travelling in Australia! Another accessory that is quite popular is the wheel step. The main purpose of this device is to have a safe way to access the roof top. It fits most standard 4×4 and SUVs without a problem while being easy to install and store. Additionally, it can be used for camper trailers because some older models have steps which are way too damaged and have to be replaced. More premium models have a sturdy, powerfully coated steel design and a non-slip checker plate step offering a more sleek and a cool look that is attractive to a lot of buyers.

Now, knowing all these accessories you can reach your destination even in the most tough and demanding conditions. Those adventures won’t be ruined by the road conditions, only tranquillity, fun and barbecue are the things left to do.

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