Sit Standing Desks

Things to Consider When Choosing Sit-Stand Desks

It is common knowledge that our bodies are built to stand upright and move. In fact, the whole cardiovascular system works better that way, which means that the more we move, the better. Unfortunately, a great number of us are stuck with office jobs or some other type of work that requires sitting long hours, so it is no wonder that sitting has become the new smoking. In order to avoid this, today’s furniture manufacturers have managed to design something spectacular, something from which people all around the world could benefit a lot.

Instead of the traditional sitting desks, nowadays, employers are presented with the option to invest in sit-stand desks in order to allow employees to move more and improve their overall health that way. An adjustable sit stand desk is an invention designed to support both traditional sitting and standing work by encouraging the user to be more mobile which can affect his/her overall mood and productivity in a positive way. How come?! Well, since office work is usually related to neck stiffness, shoulder and back pain, it has been proven that this can significantly lower the employees’ productivity from which the business company can suffer a lot. By investing in an adjustable sit stand desk, the employees can have freedom of movement, hence the aforementioned problems would be a thing of the past as they won’t be obligated to sit on some uncomfortable office chair for up to 8 hours per day.

Adjustable Height Desk

When choosing sit-stand desks for your office, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want a manually adjusted sit-stand desks with a hand crank or ones that use a motor to raise and lower. Although the first type of desks is considered “much harder” to handle in order to properly adjust the desk, they are cheaper than the motorized and fast adjustable ones, so the ones you choose will mainly depend on your personal choice and budget. In case you choose to go with the motorized type, keep in mind that different desks can have different motors which can surely affect the speed of adjustment.

When it comes to the size of the desks, you should choose according to the free space available in the office and the employees’ day-to-day requirements, for example, the number of used monitors for work and the amount of paperwork. However, if the price is the main deciding factor, you should probably choose a smaller size sit-stand desks.

Last but not least, make sure you choose ones that can complement the rest of the space’s design. For instance, a contemporary sit-stand desk with metal base and a wooden top would look perfect in an office with a modern or contemporary design, while the old and traditional looking wooden office desks are great for more traditionally inspired offices. Simple as that!

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