Drafting Chair: Perfect Element to Introduce Ergonomics at the Workplace

Considering technology is responsible for changes in the workplace, many of us nowadays find ourselves in the office, spending hours on end sitting. Despite it being more common as a workplace, so are aches and pains resulting from it and even though many have come to get used to them it’s counter-productive and bad for the well-being in the long run.

Instead of changing the job, the answer lies in something as simple as adding changes within the interior, more specifically relying on ergonomics such as the beneficial ergonomic drafting chair. If you’re wondering why this type of chair specifically, let’s start from the fact it’s created to promote healthy work environment starting from improving your posture.

When you sit for hours, you’d come to appreciate this highly. It’s possible thanks to the handy features as is the example of adequate depth and width, seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, back tilt and the easy move handle so you can make of the chair whatever suits you best. It would explain why such a chair can be said as the ideal because it’s meant to adjust to the different needs of office workers.

ergonomic drafting chair

These are features that make drafting chairs slightly better than other ergonomic chairs. Also, what’s unique in their design is the incorporated footrest, an essential element that’s bound to make your office all the more comfortable; where there’s comfort, there’s productivity, quality of work and company success!

Likewise, it’s thanks to ergonomic drafting chair you can avoid or ameliorate neck and back aches before they turn chronic and serious issues, as well as prevent headaches whereas with the help of the footrest you enjoy benefits in the likes of improved blood circulation and blood flow due to the reduced pressure on the legs which prevents blood clots and varicose veins, followed by active sitting.

This last aspect means you can move your feet and remain flexible even when sitting so it’s a way of protecting your feet from both discomfort and fatigue, especially when it’s the case with adjustable footrest also. Styles of this type of ergonomic chair differ in terms of armrests too, so prior to buying one it’s advisable to decide whether you prefer a chair with no armrests, optional armrests or adjustable.

Active sitting makes them great used in a combination with sit/stand work desks too and various other workplaces, like labs, pharmacies and shops. Made from low maintenance materials among which polyurethane, you won’t have to do a lot of cleaning to be able to prolong their lifespan.

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