Chemistry Supplies: Interesting Ways to Explore Science with Your Kids

Let’s get something clear, being successful in something takes a lot of practice and hard work, and this goes for both adults and children. For example, in order to become good in one’s job, we adults, need to learn and practice. On the other hand, kids as well need a lot of practice in order to learn how to ride a bike or to play football. So, when it come to learning and practising, studies like the one of Unesco  have shown that through toys and games, children can learn faster and better. That being said, games and toys can also help regarding teaching kids the basics of science.

Children love blowing bubbles, splashing in water and doing some other similar activities, but parents might not know that with just a little push and with the help of some kids appropriate chemistry supplies, children can develop their love for science during these fun activities.


Water – Container Games

Water games can be an exceptional opportunity for mind-developing games. For example, filling up the sink with water and examining how different objects float or sink is just one of the ways through which parents can help kids develop an interest in science. Asking your children to share their thoughts on why some objects float and others sink can help trigger their mind to think and create new ideas. Another fun way to help the little scientists develop their brains and ideas is by filling differently shaped containers with water, and asking them for an opinion about how the shape of the water changes when pouring into a container with a different shape.


Blowing Bubbles

Soapy bubbles – there isn’t one single kid who doesn’t love them. Even for us adults, bubbles evoke so many happy childhood memories – when blowing and chasing the mystical shapes throughout the backyard was our only worry. And although bubbles seem like a fun running game, toddlers can study science concepts through them. Surface tension, electricity, chemistry, geometry and light are some of the things kids can learn through such chemistry supplies Australia science professors state. When it comes to choosing chemistry supplies Australia manufacturers have managed to design bubble kits with which one kid can make numerous bubbles in circle, rectangular, square and even oval shape. Thanks to this, children would have the ability to explore, observe, and investigate the different bubbles’ shapes and colours. One can also encourage their thinking abilities by asking questions like what makes the bubbles, how do they float, why sometimes one can see different colours, etc.

Beauty Products

Although bath bombs are considered a girly thing, boys can also enjoy in their making procedure. With the help of some ready-made kits and ingredients, one can create their own bath bombs and even perfumes. For example, bath bombs can be made by mixing baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch and essential oils into a press-mould.

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