Types of Glass Coffee Tables That Can Transform Your Reception Area

Although there are many different details that make a great reception area, the coffee table is always the one thing that ties everything together and helps create a certain kind of atmosphere for your clients and visitors. When it comes to the type of material for the top of the table, manufacturers have been using glass in order to make quite a few statements lately, creating various combos for the purpose of achieving a distinctive vibe. Like for instance.


If you have decided to follow the trend that dictates creating décor with dark and earthy colours, a tinted tables coffee would be a perfect addition. Glass tones such as black or brown are able to add a cool and distinctive 1980’s feel, which is great for all of you who want to create a reception with a nod to the retro style of the yesterdays, but you don’t want to cross the line and make it look unprofessional or too playful.


This type of tables coffee look like a piece of art in and of themselves due to their striking features. In the light of that fact, if you want your lobby to appear artsy and make a bold statement, this would be the right choice for your space. Just make sure you keep the rest of details to a minimum and don’t put too many things on the already complex coffee table as to avoid creating a cluttered look.


If graphic doesn’t ring your bell, but you do want to make a bold statement, there’s another way. Industrial tables are the perfect balance between a striking feature and an addition that doesn’t dominate the scene in its totality. In order to add more character to the area, you can include an industrial wall mirror to echo the table’s metal frame.

Concentric Circles

Round coffee tables have the power to instantly draw the eye. A great design trick is to add one more circular object, for instance, a drum lampshade hanging right above the table. This is a unique way to add just enough dynamic and drama to the reception area.

Overlapping Rectangles

If your reception area is large enough, it is advisable to opt for a large coffee table which will be reachable from every seat so that each person can feel comfortable. In order to make this plan for reach-ability even more successful, a low table beneath the glass can come into play as a very clever solution. Apart from flexibility, this can also add interest to the area itself.

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