The Right Bed Mattress Size to Prevent Snuggling Your Way To a Split

Isn’t it interesting to think, despite our similarities, we’re pretty much different when it comes to preferences? I didn’t pay much attention to it before, either because I didn’t spend time pondering upon what makes up a person, the likes and dislikes, or because I subconsciously expected we don’t all differ to high degrees. That was until I moved in with my partner and started sleeping together (by that I mean actual sleeping). Loving a person is one thing, sharing a bed with them is another. Since before she entered my life, I was used to having the bed all to myself, turning from side to side throughout the night was a constant occurrence, but now having her beside me made things bad, more so as I wasn’t aware I was a restless sleeper. I blame it on years and years of living alone – who would have thought this night thing would turn into such a problem.


Days and nights went by, and the blissful honeymoon phase of our relationship seemed to have disappeared all of a sudden as our fights over sleep turned frequent. Though I don’t have the periodic limb movement disorder, the issue was becoming serious as she’d also warned me about my occasional snoring. After giving it much thought, we understood why monarchs, as the Queen and Prince Philip, sleep in separate rooms, and we decided to give it a go, instead of considering the bed mattress sizes, since it already cost us many sleepless nights and unnecessary fights. It’s true what they say, once morning comes, you miss your partner and rush to see them and be with them, so you think this actually helps your relationship.

Little by little, much to our disappointment, the contrary happened. It made us drift apart in a way, getting more distant one from another, so the experiment of monarch sleep backfired. Trying to save what was left of our relationship, we decided to give sleeping together a try again, particularly after finding out about all the benefits of sharing a bed. I didn’t realise I was missing out on the sessions of cuddling (yes, I’m a man who loves to cuddle), the morning talks and secret sharing cementing our connectedness. That’s when we decided it was high time we took bed mattress sizes into account, which surprisingly turned to be the answer to our problem.

As much as I loved my old queen size bed, we opted for a king size this time. If I had known it would give me the space for all the turning, I would have given up my old one since the very beginning. Now once I’m done with the turning, we get to snuggle which seems to help with my mild snoring and I’m happy to say there’s no trace of complaints and fights. So, lesson of the day (or relationship), the mattress size makes a world of difference.

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