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How to Choose the Perfect Baby Gift

If a family member or a good friend has a child, most of us feel compelled to bring them presents every time we visit them. Regardless of whether they are a newborn and we are meeting them for the first time, or if there is some special occasion like a birthday, it is the perfect occasion to give them something. Because of this, many parents have piles upon piles of toys and clothes that they won’t use, which is why it’s smart to do a little research before buying a gift.

Something Practical

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Practical gifts may not seem very personal, but when it comes to little kids, they can be a lifesaver. There are many things you can get that will be practical for both the parents and the kids. Parents often have too much of some things and too little of others. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect practical gift for toddler or infant, one way to go is simply to ask the parents what they need.

The truth is, new parents need a lot of stuff, and you can make their lives easier if you offer to take care of something yourself. And the options are vast. If you are buying a gift for a newborn, you can get them anything from a cute cozy swaddle to a beautiful and quality pram.

If you are on a tighter budget, you can go for something simple but useful, like swaddles, sleeping bags, catch bibs… Babies need to be changed many times throughout the day, so parents need to constantly wash their clothes and they may need a number of some items. Furthermore, they need a lot of these essentials. You can buy an item you find beautiful, like a nice soft blanket, or you can make a small basket full of different basics, such as nappies, bibs, comforters…

If you are planning on buying a bigger present, however, it’s prudent if you consult the parents. For instance, you can offer to purchase one of the biggest and more expensive things they are going to need, such as a pram, a baby food processor, a feeding chair… and be certain that they don’t already have it.

If the child you are buying a gift for is a toddler, on the other hand, and the parents already have all of the big essentials, you can go for a chair designed to offer more heights as the child grows, sippy cups, a ride on or a walker etc.

Something Memorable

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Some people, of course, want to give keepsake gifts, and may even find practical things to be a lousy gift. If you are one of them, you’re probably thinking to buy something that will be remembered by the parents, and maybe even stay in the family longer.

If that’s the case, you can go for books, toys, clothes… However, as previously mentioned, parents often have huge collections of stuff that they find obsolete after a while. Infants and toddlers grow up very fast, so there isn’t a need to own too many clothes. In case you decide to buy clothes as a baby gift, you should at least try to buy something special, something fashionable. Furthermore, you can also try to find a quality garment, so that the parents may pass it on to another baby, or keep it in case they have other children.

While infants and toddlers often have a lot of toys that they lose interest in right away, and parents find themselves with a collection of useless stuff they don’t know what to do with, toys can be a great gift for toddler. The trick is to find something that they will find interesting for a long time. Furthermore, kids can really benefit from toys, whether they are dolls, figurines or some other type of educational toys. This is because children learn about themselves and the world through playing, and toys offer the perfect way for kids to develop their cognitive and motor skills.

Final Thoughts

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Finally, don’t forget that many times gestures can be appreciated more than any object. And when it comes to parents of small children, the gesture of thinking about what their child and they themselves need can be exactly what makes the gift so memorable.

Remember that if the child was born to people you love, you’ll have a lot of different opportunities and reasons to give them gifts. So, even if you really want to buy them a gift that will stay with them forever, whether you are buying a gift for a newborn or a toddler, instead of worrying about it being perfect for your taste, worry more about it being perfect for the child and the parents.

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