Tips for Dressing Up Your Little Girl for a Party

Same as adult fashion, kids’ fashion has evolved considerably over the years, and while it can be great in the sense there are various options to pick from, it’s somewhat overwhelming for parents too. Especially when they’ve got to prepare their little girls for upcoming parties. To make this a hassle-free experience, we’d like to share the following tips.

Include Your Girl in the Shopping Adventure

Trust us on this one! Some girls are born fashionistas and might have a say or two when it comes to what they like to wear and what they absolutely hate. If you don’t want to make the mistake of buying what you find to be cute and then learning she doesn’t ever want to wear that, include her in the buying process. You can avoid all the drama by taking a good look at what the kids’ clothing stores offer and consulting with your little girl.



For instance, when choosing a cute little girls party dress to make your little one stand out, you should let her give you a hint on the colour and pattern she prefers. This is followed by whether or not she is up for a design that’s more princess-like with detailing like frills, ruffles and bows, or a flowy one that’s got some vintage appeal such as that of the colourful ’70s!

Even if she doesn’t get to go to many parties, such a dress is still a great investment because if she helps with the shopping, she’s going to love it so much you can expect it to be her favourite pick as she chooses to wear it on more occasions than one. I’m thinking even of “events” like going on grocery shopping with you, a stroll through the park, a picnic, or a pretend play tea party at home.

Focus on Comfort

Just because you’re choosing from kids party dresses doesn’t mean you should overlook comfort at the expense of style. You wouldn’t be okay wearing party clothes that make you sweat or irritate your skin, so why should your child?



The feeling of discomfort might bring out your child’s grumpy side, which could lead to tantrums and ruin the party fun altogether. Not to mention, in some cases, certain fabrics, like synthetics, could also cause allergic reactions so you might end up with more issues to deal with.

Instead of buying anything simply because it’s affordable or cute, you should also look into the fabrics to be sure your child would feel comfortable. You’d be surprised to find out there’s a vast array of toddler party dresses that look and feel incredible, as in the example of those made of 100% cotton that are breathable and easy to wear. Bamboo is another great choice to consider when investing in little girls’ clothes that look and feel great.

Think of the Party

Now, one aspect you have to be certain about is whether or not the party is indoors or outdoors. This would give you a hint on the kind of dress you should go for, same as with considering the weather and season. In case of it being outdoors, it wouldn’t hurt to get a warm cardigan to match the little girls party dress if it gets cold.



In terms of formality and activities (e.g. outdoor adventurous games), you could save the pinkish princess dresses with all the frills and bows as primary choices for weddings and birthdays, and opt for the casual design, like tinker or tunic, for family get-togethers and outdoor entertaining. Moreover, these last two are also perfect for mixing and matching when the weather is chilly as they are great to be worn with leggings and tights too.

Find the Matching Shoes and Accessories

As both the shoes and accessories make essential parts of the outfit, you can’t leave them out of the shopping either. Now, as the toddler party dress is the main attraction, you should work on creating the outfit around it.




If the dress comes in a colour you particularly like, or has some pattern that stands out, find the sandals that have the same colour or at least a similar hue. Open-toe sandals are a must for summer parties, but if you want a pair that’s better suited year-round, why not get closed sandals your girl can wear with tights.

Besides getting the right fit, a parent must pay attention to the materials and features, opting for those that offer breathability and are easy to put on and take off. Leather sandals with adjustable straps and buckles are a nice example.


Once again, it’s advisable to ask your little one to give you some suggestions if she has her mind set on certain accessories. Some girls adore wearing headwraps and headscarves, whereas others prefer bow clips and scrunchies instead.

The belt is another must especially if you want to add some contrast; the colourful dresses with patterns could do with a plain-coloured belt. Lastly, don’t forget the sunglasses which besides being a stylish accessory are important for protecting the eyes.

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