Women’s Urban Jackets to Get You Through Spring with Style

Congratulations, everybody! We’ve made it! Although it didn’t seem like it was going to come, spring is finally here. And I for one am planning to celebrate the (slightly) warmer weather by bringing out my white Converse sneakers out of the closet. How about you? Now though we can feel free to store those leather boots away, until the temperatures reach the 20 degrees mark, we urban girls still need a few womens urban jackets to top off our cool looks for the spring. Like for instance the following street style staples.

Denim Jackets

Whether it’s jeans, a cap, or a jacket, by putting on just a single denim piece your outfit gets extra points for coolness. Denim is the “it” fabric when it comes to street style, so no wonder there’s a great selection of denim womens urban jackets out there. Whether it’s worn with a cute short dress, a long breezy skirt or with a pair of jeans for a double dose of coolness – a denim jacket is a versatile piece of clothing that can elevate all of your casual spring outfits. It really works for all kinds of occasions. Pair it with a pair of stilettos for a daring and sexy evening look or with Vans for a laid-back vibe.


We’ve all been there. You wake up with the intention to put on your favourite t-shirt and jeans combo, only to find it’s pouring outside. But where there’s rain, there can also be a chic street style. Before you say raincoats are something only campers and kids wear, take a look at the stylish urban designs they come in. From brightly coloured pieces that make a bold statement to versatile neutral designs, raincoats can top of all your urban looks. With the help of a chic raincoat, you can combat those spring showers with style!

Harrington Jackets

While Harrington-style jackets are usually worn by men for a smart casual look, it doesn’t mean that women can’t make them work too. In fact, they are the perfect choice for bringing an edgy and confident vibe to an urban women’s look. Although it resembles a bomber jacket, it can provide a lot more serious and less casual feel to your outfit. Plus, the Harrington jacket has a really unique feature – its inside is often filled with red and navy plaid fabric. This makes it perfect to pair with denim jeans for a 90’s inspired look.

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