Surprise Gift Ideas for the Lovely Man in Your Life

The list of gifts one can get for a man is generally shorter. Shops are almost always filled with more interesting gifts for women and that can cause lack of ideas, especially if you are in a rush. However, it’s not that black and white. Gifts for men shouldn’t be the same old thing (belts, wallets, socks and shirts). You just need to think out of the box (wink).

A Club/Gym Subscription

guy in a gym

I am sure the man you adore has many interesting hobbies, or is curious enough to try new things on the regular. If he’s an athletic person, getting him a gym membership or a membership for some specialised club for golf or boxing may be just the idea you need. This may also mean giving him the gift of meeting new people and exploring a new environment.

Finding the right balance between personal freedom and commitment is one of the keys to having a successful and healthy relationship. In light of that, a gesture such as this can have a positive impact on your partner’s physical and mental health too.

Special Delivery Box Full of Tasty Donuts

donuts in box

Men are less likely to say “no” to dessert offerings. So, this can be both safe and fun choice. To make it more unique, you can go for a box that consists of gourmet filled donuts, Oreos, Belgian milk chocolates and sprinkle topped donuts. Here in Sydney, there are lots of edible delivery online stores that can offer a lot of varieties.

And when it comes to choosing birthday donuts Sydney delivery companies offer a convenient same-day delivery. To spice things up, besides the donuts, you can add two bottles of wine and a lovely note as to get him excited for the upcoming nighttime present – a passionate night with you. Men love it when women take the initiative, so I’m sure he’ll be wild with anticipation.

This is the perfect gift a women can choose for her partner cause it has it all – the sweet, the feisty and the spicy. He can enjoy the message whole eating some of the treats and leave the drink and the rest of the goodies for later, wrapped in the promise of a lovely end of the day.


Same-day delivery is pricier than regular delivery and it differs from region to region. When finalising your order, make sure you enter the delivery date and choose a same-day delivery.

Another great thing is that these companies can offer different sizes of boxes that contain a different number of donuts or some other savoury gifts, thus giving you the freedom to choose according to your budget.

A Self-Care Basket

self care basket for men

Who says that men don’t love to pamper themselves? They might don’t use sheet masks on the daily, but they will certainly love to apply a face cream or aftershave to soothe their face and make it softer. But a self-care basket doesn’t have to include only body care products. In a basket like this, you can also put some bestseller book of his preferable genre, luxury underwear, workout sports gear, his favourite magazine and an electric shaver. A basket like this will certainly surprise him as all of the included things that are meant to be used only by him.

A Surprise Weekend Getaway

lake house sydney

No matter how long your relationship, going on a weekend getaway is always a good idea. This is the perfect way to make your bond even stronger and create lovely memories while also being able to relax after so many busy and stressful days. Sydney is a huge and busy city, and sometimes even the thought of planning an adventure like this can be an additional burden. So, take control of it all and go to Just visit. Booking, Stayz or any other similar website and book a cottage or some lake house for the upcoming birthday of your lovely man.

An Alcohol Basket

alcohol gift basket

This is another type of basket you can’t go wrong choosing. Whether your man loves beer, liquor or wine, you can easily create the basket of his dreams. Along with his favourite alcohol bottles, you can add proper glasses the right appetisers and maybe a small box of the birthday donuts Sydney delivery companies offer.

Beer Brewing Kit

beer brewing kit

It might be safe to say there is no man in this world who doesn’t love beer. And while they are always joking about beer being healthy, the truth is – it really is. So if your man loves drinking beer and has been thinking about making his own beer, treating him with beer brewing equipment would be amazing.

Just imagine his satisfaction and happiness once he tries the first sip of his very own homemade beer! Priceless. And no, you don’t have to splurge a lot for this. You’ll only have to invest in the basic things like the ingredients, a stockpot, a fermenter, bottles, and a sanitizer solution. The sanitising solution is an extremely important part of the process, otherwise, the beer will surely spoil, so the outcome wouldn’t be satisfying.

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