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How to Buy the Right Tent for a Perfect Adventure under the Stars

COVID-19 might have taken a lot of things from us lately, but it surely can’t take from us spending more time in nature. According to a study, camping is thriving even in these pandemic days, so if you want to escape the everyday and spend a few days in nature, you can always try camping. Out of all types of basic camping gear, it’s the tent that plays a huge role in how comfortable and safe you would feel when sleeping under the open sky.

How Many Different Types of Tents Are There?

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Luckily, the range is huge these days, so choosing the right and safest model for you would be a piece of cake. All it takes is understanding all the types and that’s it.


This type is designed for living in for multiple days even when in the middle of nowhere. These lightweight and comfortable tents are strong and able to withstand the elements without a problem. Generally speaking, these canvas homes are smaller than the other types and also lighter in weight which makes them easier to transport. What you need to know about these shelters is that they have a lower ceiling and limited capacity of people which makes them suitable for no more than two people.

However, size can also depend on the brand and manufacturer, so if looking for something more spacious, make sure to do more digging in order to find the best option. Just like with everything else, these open sky homes can also come in a range of materials that differ in quality and consequently in price. One thing is certain, though, don’t let the price be your main decisive factor because you’ll risk ruining your adventure.  


Dome shelters are quite common these days, much like the practical backpacking tents, because they’re available in different sizes, allowing them to be used by one to eight people at once. These temporary homes are also light in weight and have a higher ceiling which is not the case with the previously mentioned models.

They can also come with a single or double wall where the single ones have a waterproof interior. The double-walled ones have a breathable inner layer while the second one is usually in the form of a rainfly that rests on top of its poles. One of the main downsides, however, is that quite often they aren’t stable during windy days which means that they can be easily blown away.


As the name implies, these canvas homes look like the capital A letter. Unlike the other types, these homes made of canvas can have metal or wooden poles, and the most recent and modern models can also have poles made of lighter weight materials that don’t compromise the sturdiness. Although stable, these shelters are quite heavy and bulky, especially when it comes to their packing. Considering their design, they also lack headroom which is something that could cause trouble when used by more people.


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Multi-room canvas tents are designed for those of you who plan on camping with the whole family or with friends. This in fact is the main advantage of them, as well as the privacy they offer. Being divided into rooms, they also offer gear storage which also makes them quite convenient. But all of these positive things also can lead to one big drawback and that is the bulky size.


Also known as instant tent, this cute temporary home is spring-loaded and can be installed within seconds. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make it suitable to be used under extreme weather conditions.


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Although recently used as kids’ play teepee, this design is still used for camping as well. Well known for the higher ceiling and ease of use, unfortunately, these shelters come with a drawback too as they have a high pitching point which makes it quite uncomfortable when setting up. They’re also heavier and usually don’t come with a floor. So, if these kinds of homes are your thing, make sure to choose one that has all the needed things in order to provide you with a comfortable experience.


Tunnel tents are similar to the dome ones except for the difference – they’re a bit longer and with a more cylindrical shape. Unlike the other types, these shelters use guy ropes for added stability. They’re designed to go from their attachment points to the ground. The most important thing about them is that they need to be pitched properly, otherwise they’ll sag in the middle.


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Inflatable shelters are quite new on the market. They’re still made of canvas but have inflatable poles which makes them quite easy to set up. However, for their installation, you’ll need an air pump. The one thing all the aforementioned types have in common with this one is that they’re available in different fabrics and pole materials, allowing you to choose the model that will best meet your requirements and budget as well. 

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