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Top 5 Pieces of Tactical Clothing Every Adventurer Should Own

If you’re planning to go on an adventure trip, you probably know the importance of having the proper tactical gear and clothing for your chosen activity. High-quality tactical clothes are often neglected but must-have for every adventure trip. These pieces can ensure you’re safe during your adventures; they’re also very functional and can make your tours hassle-free.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 pieces of tactical clothing every adventurer should have in their arsenal.

Tactical Pants

tactical pants
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Tactical pants provide particular features that give you a strategic or tactical advantage in some situations. These features may help you hide a gun, provide you with better mobility than typical pants, etc. When you think of tactical pants, you probably think of pants with many pockets. The truth is, yes, there are tactical pants with a lot of pockets. However, the more modern models do not have as many.

Today, tactical pants that don’t scream “I’m a tactical ninja” are more popular and worn by adventurers worldwide. The most common features of tactical pants are stretchy materials for optimal movement, hidden pockets, internal CCW holsters built-in, and others. Tactical pants can help you avoid any high injury risk. They effectively protect your lower body if you hit a rock or fall. Plus, they also protect your lower body parts if you’re in very low-temperature areas.

Tactical Belts

green tactical belt
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If you frequently go on sensitive missions in undisclosed locations and need to take concealed carry with you, you should be equipped with the right tactical belt. When looking through the wide range of high-quality tactical belts, go for the one that safely holds and supports the equipment you need to get the job done.

Tactical belts have been used for thousands of years now. Roman Legionaries used them to carry their swords, support their protective gear and hold pouches packed with battlefield essentials. Nowadays, you can wear a simple rigger’s belt or go for an all-out tactical belt to be prepared for anything your mission throws at you. Tactical belts are an essential part of the uniform of the military and law enforcement departments worldwide.

They do much more than just holding up military pants. The right military belt should offer the following features:

  • MOLLE compatibility
  • Holster attachments for concealed-carry
  • Multi-tool attachments

The best tactical belt should be rugged enough to safely hold your equipment and be flexible enough not to restrict your movement. Make sure it has a heavy-duty construction that won’t droop when you attach a 2- or 3-pound firearm to it. Your tactical belt should be comfortable to wear and not impede your breathing when you’re in action.

Tactical Jackets

Your tactical jacket is supposed to keep you warm in extreme weather conditions. So regardless of whether you go hunting or hiking, don’t forget to take your tactical jacket. These pieces of clothing provide more functionality than regular jackets as they usually feature multiple pockets that you can use to store items and are made of sturdy materials that keep you warm. The best tactical jacket should also be water resistant and provide proper ventilation.

The material from which your tactical jacket should be durable enough to withstand constant abuse and comfortable enough to be worn on long hikes. Fleece, nylon and polyester are the best materials to consider as they’re durable and lightweight enough to prevent dragging you down when on a mission.

Tactical Footwear

brown tactical boots
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Tactical footwear is designed to boost performance in particular situations. This type of footwear is typically associated with the military or police as it provides high protection and utmost performance. Here’s what to look for when buying tactical footwear.

A Protective Midsole

Your footwear should provide protection from hazards penetrating the underfoot part of the boot. You can find protective midsoles in two forms: composite and steel. Composite midsoles are lighter, more flexible, and protect against hazards entering the boot’s sole. Steel midsoles provide much greater protection. However, they are also heavier and much more rigid.


Since tactical footwear wearers come across varying terrain, it’s essential for their footwear to be slip-resistant sole to be able to perform well in different weather conditions and environments.


Waterproof tactical footwear has a longer lifespan since it’s less likely to become waterlogged. Waterlogged footwear is not comfortable to wear, can increase weight and cause chafing.


The material of the tactical footwear can significantly affect the weight of the footwear, so make sure to pick materials that are sturdy yet lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Wearing rigid boots can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, especially when you’re on a mission and have to cover long distances by foot. Wearing flexible shoes will delay the start of fatigue and will make your adventure much more pleasant. Moreover, flexible boots make it easier to drive as they respond better to the controls.

Tactical Gloves

It’s tough to do tactical work without using your hands. The primary role of your tactical gloves is to keep your hands and skin safe from contagion and abrasion. When buying, look for a pair of gloves with reinforced knuckles made of breathable yet tough material that will protect your hands. Besides keeping your hands safe, a good pair of tactical gloves will significantly improve your grip. Look for gloves that won’t affect your dexterity and will be thick enough to keep you safe.

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