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The Basics of Tyre Replacement Every Man Needs to Know

Even though the tyres of a motorcycle aren’t usually the first thing onlookers notice, owners understand their importance, and the importance of having the right tools when the time for replacing them comes. Tyres suffer a lot of wear and tear, so repairing and replacing them is usually done more frequently than any other motorcycle part.

If you’re an avid rider, it’s crucial you invest in certain motorcycle tools and accessories like motorcycle tyre levers, bead breakers, valves and valve caps, etc. These tools offer help in repairing and maintaining the tyres throughout their entire lifespan and are necessary for the overall care of a motorcycle.

Tyre balancing is also very important. A balanced tyre will have a longer lifespan and provide more traction. Generally speaking, when the wheel has a heavy spot, which is often times the case near the valve stem, you can balance the wheel by adding weight to the opposite side of the tyre where the heavy spot is located.

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For starters, motorcycle tyre levers should be part of every motorcycle owner’s tool kit. A tyre lever helps you get the tyre off the rim in case of a puncture. You can lift the tyre off the rim in order to remove inner tubes but it’s best to use your thumbs to get the tyre back to its spot. This can be a tricky, especially the last few inches of the tyre which is why you need a specialised tool like a tyre lever.

The next item on your purchase list for a tool kit should be a tyre tamer. This vital tool allows you to install a valve stem, rim locks and tubes without having to ask for the help of professionals. Anyone who has attempted to install a tyre tube by themselves will understand the true value of this tool. It lets the user pry the tyre away from the rim just by using one hand. It’s a small, portable tool which prevents bruised knuckles during tube installation and changes.

Furthermore, add bead breakers to your collection. They’re small tools which when used together with irons break the tyre bead during the tyre replacement. Tyre beads are the thinned edges of the tyre that fit into the rim. Often times, the bead can become frozen or rusted into the rim and this is where bead breakers come into play.

As aforementioned, tyre irons are a must-have for replacing tyres. They act as braces when removing the tyre from the rim. They vary in design, fabrication and length so buyers should purchase the ones that suit their motorcycle best. Don’t buy the longest or heaviest iron available, as that may end up with you breaking the rim because you’ve used a wrong technique or too much force. Generally, you’ll want the iron to be the same size as your hand. These tools are often sold in pairs and some are equipped with handles.

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