From “Meh” to “Yeah”: Spice Up Your Interior with Modern Elements

The elements of modern design, such as smooth surfaces and clean lines, have made it one of the trends that are hardly going out of style because it’s simply everlasting; you can mix it up with any current style in your home, mix and match if you aren’t up for that matchy-matchy look and set a new vibe in your home with ease.

What’s typical about the design are the clean lines that speak seamless, allowing you to decorate your home and get a cohesive look without fuss. Even if you don’t have the money to go for a grand makeover, with the help of modern furniture made of quality materials along with accessories, you’d still be able to pull off interior changes without affecting your budget significantly.

It doesn’t matter if your home is small or you have an open space, this type of furniture and accessories make it possible to fill up the blanks without causing a mess, both physically and visually; after all, this design was created for comfort!


Know Your Space

Of course, to achieve this, you’d have to be mindful of the space you have and consider the size of furnishings that would best fit in. The last thing you need is to cram up the living space just because you bought a piece of furniture for its looks. When buying, it’s advisable to think of each and every piece you intend to bring home, see where you’d place it just to envision the place.

Set the Colour

There’s no doubt you can make the home vibrant using only colours as the main ingredients yet there’s a limit in this too, otherwise you risk creating visual clutter. It’s important not to be afraid to mix things from the neutral palette, even to the point of having more than 50% of the colours in neutrals, like those of walls and floors.

With the rest you can have fun accentuating with contrasts, for instance, when the base of your home is cream, you can choose your modern furniture in different shades of white, using the warmth of brown as your secondary colour coming from the wooden furniture pieces and then fill up with accessories in contrasting colours.

Count on Textures

When in doubt about the textures, whether they go together or shouldn’t be used in a combination at any cost, the key is in choosing those that are in similar colours or patterns so you don’t get that much of a difference. You’d accomplish a great deal using a rug and pillows in similar tones even when the furniture pieces are in different styles, because it’s the textures that can make for a cohesive outcome.

If you need another example, here’s one: a light green glass vase in a combination with a tablecloth in another shade of green, and in the background a painting of a vibrant green landscape; this is also a nice way of inviting more of nature inside.


Make it Cosy

If you want to make a home feel like a home, then all you have to do is bet on cosiness. It’s easy to pull it off thanks to the rugs and throws you can use. These are elements ideal for any setting, specifically when you want to separate the areas visually in an open space.

Furthermore, you can have fun with the throws using them on modern furniture pieces like the sofa, chairs, coffee table, in the bedroom over the bed or ottoman, at your reading nook so they are worth the investment. Rugs and throws, other than the cosy look, provide your home with the much needed warmth – surely you wouldn’t like waking up treading on cold floors in winter!

Besides, they are a trick up your sleeve if you’re wondering how to make old furniture look modern! Cosiness also has to do with lighting, meaning you have the chance to use lighting fixtures at your disposal too when wanting to spice things up in the interior décor.

Other than this, it’s essential to think of the tone of lighting as well, preferably choosing the soft lights instead of bright considering they make the room more intimate and comfortable. Last but not least, layer it up with pillows; one can never have too many of them, so go ahead, make up your piles!

Accessorise Seasonally

Now that Christmas and the New Year are on their way, you won’t have to think too much to get the idea on how to accessorise: just buy Christmas decorations and you can be sure of a pleasant ambiance with a modern tone.

There are endless options of modern Christmas accessories you can choose for your home, mesmerising with their minimalist design, like the many star and tree ornaments you can hang around anywhere, doesn’t even have to be a tree given that you can hang them all over your home on hangers and “sprinkle” them on tables from room to room.

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