Cat-Back Exhaust System

Custom Exhausts: Add More Power and Torque to Your Ride

Only people who own a high-powered vehicle know the rush of handling these super-machines. The smell of burning rubber, the feeling of the G-forces pulling you back into the seat as you accelerate, the adrenaline of driving at high speeds… all this brings the much craved thrill and excitement. However, it is the sound of a growling exhaust system that feeds the fire.

Custom exhausts systems for automobiles are one of the most popular upgrades performed lately. Reasons vary from increased performance to customized appearance and improved exhaust sound. Whatever your reason, nowadays you can find a wide range of custom exhausts online as well as in brick and mortar stores to suit your needs. This guide will help you understand the different types available as well as how to buy exhausts online and offline.

Types of Custom Exhaust Systems

There are many different ways to customize an exhaust system. The following are a few of the most common ways of customizations – they all alter sound and increase performance and torque in different ways.

Exit Style

This style is divided into two categories which refer to the modification of the exhaust exit pipes.

  • Single Side Exit with Dual Tips – an exhaust system that uses single exit pipes. However, it often comes with more than one tip and is generally used on trucks or on sports cars.
  • True Dual-Rear Exit – it features two pipes that run from the manifold (each with its own muffler). It is found mainly on large-trucks or on high-end sports cars.

Turbo-Back Exhaust System

This system is generally found in diesel trucks and is the most expensive type of exhaust system available. In order to use a turbo-back exhaust system, you need to have a vehicle that is already equipped with a turbo system.
Turbo-Back Exhaust System

Cat-Back Exhaust System

The most popular type of exhaust systems available on the market. Also called mandrel bent exhaust systems, these come with all the necessary components – from the catalytic converter to the exhaust tip.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Axle-Back Exhaust System

This one is similar to the cat-back exhaust system in many ways, the difference being that the axle-back exhaust system is a more affordable option as it replaces the components from the rear axle back to the exhaust tip.

 Axle-Back Exhaust System

Other Customizations

When it comes to their looks, a variety of adjustments and customizations can be made, especially in the type of materials used.

Where to Buy Custom Exhaust Systems

If you want to buy a custom exhaust system for your vehicle, you can visit a number of local auto body shops, specialty stores and workshops that specialize in installing these systems. You can also purchase custom exhaust systems online. Many parts vendors have online sites where you can shop for a variety of exhaust system components which you can install by yourself or with the help of an auto-technician. Shopping online enables you to compare different systems and parts as well as different prices, so you have better chances to find a great deal for your needs online rather than at your local store.

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