Moving Day

Avoid Procrastinating and Breaking the Bank When Moving

Whoever told you they weren’t at all worried about their moving, they were probably lying to cover up their lack of bravery. No matter how much one wants to undertake such a life-changing step, it’s natural to start feeling a sort of anxiety partly because of what new life would be like, and the other part because of the process of moving itself. Back in the days of my moving, I felt immense excitement (that still rings a bell in my mind) when I found the kind of home I was looking for, with the ideal rooms and view, having made inquiries about the neighbourhood and the neighbours I’d get to live by – yes, I am that inquisitive and I needn’t go into all the details to give you the full picture. It all seemed perfect until the moment I remembered how much of packing I had to do.

It’s then when I descended from the clouds I was in. I can certainly be a master procrastinator at times, particularly when my focus is most needed, so this also brought some stalling back into my life, that is for the time being during the moving. If you’re a fan of New Girl and started watching the latest season, then you probably remember Cece’s moving day and her packing in the last minute which is of course recipe for disaster. That’s the perfect example for you to grasp my kind of procrastinating, I identify with Cece in that respect but luckily, I was able to snap out of it just in time and did all the moving way ahead even without the help of a Jess getting rid of the unimportant stuff. The harsh reality of moving is, not only do you have to do all the packing but prior to that, you have to get the box and packing supplies adequate for all the items and think of the transportation vehicle.

Box and Packing Supplies

Since I didn’t have much help to rely on from family and friends, and found it a bit complicating to go with all the organisation myself, I turned to the help of professionals. That’s what made the move easier altogether. The ideal period to start preparing for the moving process is about six weeks before it actually happens, do your search and find reliable removalists who have plenty of experience behind them. Registered companies with an ABN are your safe bet because only when a company is registered do you get insurance for your valuables. Though most people think hiring experts will cost them greatly, it’s the opposite because undertaking the move yourself without the least bit of experience costs you the time with delays being more than possible and they don’t say “time is money” for nothing. Along with doing all the packing and moving, plus transporting and unpacking (at my request) in my new home, I got help with choosing the needed box and packing supplies for my belongings, from the ideal bubble wraps, tapes and papers to protective covers.

After going through this experience, I can say organisation is really the key for a smooth move. If you want to simplify things for the removalists, create a list with the items that are going to make it to your new place, separate the unwanted items aside, sort bits and pieces based on how fragile they are and take pictures so you’ll be prepared in case of some damage. I’ve always wanted to be involved in charity work, giving out my unwanted items to those who needed them most and my move made it happen. It’s rewarding when you think of it at the end of the day. The bottom line of my article is to tackle the moving weeks before the moving date, rely on professional help and you’ll save more money without inviting stress in your life.

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