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Accessories That Can Update Even the Most Basic Summer Outfits

As women, we want to dress up stylishly and feel comfortable as well. It’s hard to choose different outfits every day and it’s challenging to find new ways for combining the same pieces. We all have that little breakdown when we open the closet and, although full of clothes, we feel like there’s nothing to wear. Panic and stress kick in and we just want to stay in our sweatpants forever.

But if this whole ordeal weren’t bad enough, coming up with the right outfit is twice as hard in the summer. The warm season in Australia is known to be particularly hot, so you need to think each day about how to create an outfit that will help you stay cool and protected from the sun while being stylish.

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One thing that could help us in such situations is introducing accessories that can have a big impact both on style and comfort. The following accessories are absolute must-haves for summertime in Australia. They can keep you fresh while freshening up even the most basic summer outfits!

Women’s Flip Flops for Feeling Comfortable All Summer Long

Picking outfits in the summer can be really stressful because we need something light so we can breathe but we don’t want it to look like we’re going to the beach. Footwear can be especially tricky since everything is either uncomfortable or it makes our feet sweat. One option would be to find women’s sandals that you can wear with everything, even jeans.

But not everyone is a sandals person. What’s more, sandals are an obvious footwear choice for the summer and they can easily pass unnoticed. If you really want to make a statement and create an outfit with a nod to Aussie culture, flip flops are a great choice. Because it’s such an iconic type of footwear for the Land Down Under, you can easily find a pair of comfortable and modern flip flops for women that’ll give a new look to every outfit.

The Versatile Design of Flip Flops

The first thing that comes to mind when a flip flop is mentioned is probably the simple, plastic, Y-shaped strap design. But nowadays there are so many options that you’ll surely find a pair that you’ll love.

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Different Types of Materials for Quality Non-Slip Soles

Birkenstocks are a special kind of flip flops that are commodious and have soles made of cork. They’re considered to be natural and sustainable. The cork is water-proof and sweat-absorbent and they’re designed to follow the natural shape of the foot. They could also be made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) soles that have shock-absorbing qualities as well. This means that none of the irregularities of the ground won’t be felt. They’re light, elastic, and come in many colours.

Rubber and plastic are the most common materials that offer a wide range of colours and are mostly worn to the beach. They’re inexpensive and have that basic design of a flat sole with a toe thong.

Pick Attractive and Comfortable Straps

The straps are an important part of flip flops for women and the way in which they’re designed can change your entire look. Besides their classic Y-shape where two straps come from the sides and go in-between the first and the second toe, they can also be in the form of a hole through which the big toe is supposed to slide. The wider the straps, the bigger support there is for the foot.

  • Rubber and plastic flip flops for women usually have rubber or plastic straps as well. They can be uncomfortable for some people and cause blisters on the feet.
  • Leather is the more sophisticated option. They are used on the Birkenstock type of flip flops and allow them to be combined and worn in different situations.
  • Suede is an alternative to leather that’s more affordable and has a smooth finish.

Where Can You Wear Flip Flops?

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They can be worn every day and can be another cool way to style up your urban jeans. Choose a more elegant pair of women thong shoes and you can even wear them to work if the dress code allows it. The different types of materials allow them to be combined with almost any casual wear. Besides jeans, they look good with pants, dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Throw them on when running errands or going to an appointment and don’t worry about your feet getting tired. They’re comfortable for wearing around the house or in dorm rooms. You can have them on when cleaning or showering. We know how shared bathrooms can be a nightmare and this is where you’d want to have a pair.

Summer-Friendly Hats as Useful and Modern Addition to Your Closet

Besides having quality women’s thong sandals, another way to create a versatile and stylish wardrobe for the summer is with the help of  women’s hats like ultra-stylish accessories . They are found in so many different styles which makes them suitable for virtually any occasion.

Baseball Cap – A Timeless Classic

source: Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Maybe baseball caps were considered to be a man’s type of accessory but now they’re unisex items that look good on everyone. Along with their functionality to keep your face protected from the sun, caps can make a simple outfit look ten times more stylish.

They usually come in two variants: fitted or adjusted. The first type is when the hat is fitted to your head and it doesn’t have any closure in the back that can be adjusted. The second type has a closure that adjusts to your head. This is useful if you need to pull your ponytail through the cap.

They can be in any colour that you want and have different printed logos or embroideries. Maybe they’re seen primarily as sportswear but more and more people are combining them with all sorts of casual or even elegant wardrobe. You can see them with coats, blazers, leather pants, and dresses, and nothing seems to beat a good old baseball cap.

Boater Hat – A Stylish Elegance

picture of a woman beside water and sky, wearing elegant summer outfit and a boater hat

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These hats were originally worn by gondoliers. The typical hat is made of straw, has a stiff brim that can vary in size, and a ribbon around a flat crown. They are perfect for the summer heat when you want something practical and easy to protect you from the sun.

The neutral colour of the straw is suitable for combining with many different colours. You can have the ribbon in any style and colour that you want. Wear it with a summer dress, jeans, and shirts, and see how it gives that summer vibe to every outfit you choose.

Although the original is made from straw and perfect for the summer, there are options that are a great fit for colder months too. For instance, a wool felt boater hat can match nicely with your winter coat.

Bucket Hats – A Streetwear Staple

picture of a woman sitting on a concrete wearing black outfit and bucket hat

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Bucket hats are having their comeback, especially in streetwear fashion. They originated from Ireland and were worn for protection by fishermen and farmers.

They can be made of various materials and have versatile designs. Cotton, denim, faux fur, or raffia, choose your fit and start wearing one today. It’ll most certainly serve as protection from the sun but wearing it just for its aesthetic look is enough. They can have embroidered different logos, words, and symbols. Choose a plain one and combine it with literally every summer look, or a checkered pattern to complement your simple outfit.

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