woman wearing mini beige slip dress
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From Slip Dresses to Bucket Hats: The Comeback of ’90s Fashion

The ‘90s were one of the most iconic decades when it came to fashion. Things started to get more casual. People turned to minimalism and loose and oversized clothes became the staple of this period. Of course, fashion changed as time progressed, but there are some iconic 90s pieces that have made a big comeback in recent years.

Slip Dress

woman wearing white slip dress
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These dresses were huge during the ‘90s and are now making a big comeback in the fashion industry. They’re a super versatile, classy piece that you can wear all year long with suitable combinations. Their look is very simple featuring spaghetti straps and a nice silhouette.

That said, the main thing to consider when buying slip dresses is the material. This is what makes them original and gives them that iconic look and feel. The fabrics should be breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Some of the most common options are satin, silk and cotton. Silk and satin are a more elegant version, something that works for formal events. Cotton, on the other hand, is more casual.

For a more casual look, combine the dress with a denim jacket and sneakers. Add some accessories and a nice bag and you’re ready for a coffee date with your friends.

The fit is probably the most important thing to get right if you want to look good in your slip dress. It’s essential for your comfort and style. It should flatter your body shape. This can vary from one person to another, but the neckline, length and straps can make a big difference. Maxi dresses will look good on tall women and may not be as flattering on shorter gals.

When it comes to colour and pattern, you have plenty to choose from. Neutrals like brown, black and white can be easily dressed up or down. Bright colours can be a good way to express your personality and add a pop of brightness to your day.

To make the dress last as long as possible, take note of the care instructions. Some materials may need extra cost and time to be washed.

If you can, buy a few dresses in different colours. This way, you’ll have a dress for every occasion. If you have an office meeting, throw on a long blazer or a cropped jacket and some heels. For a nice dinner out, a maxi slip dress with a leather jacket is the right combo to make a good first impression.

Cargo Pants

woman wearing top and cargo pants
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Cargo pants are a clothing piece designed for the military. No one thought that they’d become such a huge trend. Today, they’re a symbol of rap culture and street-style fashion. They’re an item that looks good on any body shape and height, which is what makes them so popular among women. Well, that, and the fact that they’re extremely comfortable.

Some of the things that make them unique are the wide waist, side pockets and high waist. Just like with slip dresses, the fit is crucial. Choosing the right fit will give you a nice silhouette. Keep an eye on the pockets’ positioning. If you have wide hips for example, and you don’t want to accentuate them, choose pants whose pockets are placed lower than the hip area.

Cargo pants have elastic bands on the legs. If you’re a shorter person or curvy, go with pants that have straight-cut legs. If you’re not very tall, avoid overdoing it with oversized pieces. If the pants are looser and comfier, go with a tight-fitting top. Those are the most basic rules, or suggestions, for you to look amazing in your cargo pants.

Plaid Skirts

woman wearing white long sleeved top and plaid skirt, black bag and black boots
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Plaid skirts are another timeless piece that was born in the ‘90s.

A red plaid skirt may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about it, but these skirts come in many colours and styles. They can also vary in length: mini, midi, long, flowy or tight fitting.

This piece is so versatile that you can combine it with almost anything you have in the closet. For the colder months, it looks especially great with a turtleneck blouse. It’ll also look good with a coat or a sweater top.

Dress it up with a silk blouse and some elegant shoes and you’re ready for date night. Leather and denim jackets with plain skirts are great for casual dates and walk in the park. It even looks good with cardigans or graphic tees. The options are endless.

Crop Tops

woman wearing jeans and white crop top
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Crop tops are great because they can go with any outfit and suit any body type. They even pair well with the women’s slip dress. There are several types of crop tops you can choose from.

There are pieces with graphic designs and embellishments. They can be made of chiffon or lace and have super-fun patterns. They’re created to make a statement. If you’re a gym rat, there are crop tops made for that purpose as well. They’re flexible, moisture-wicking and very comfortable.

For a night out, choose a top with mesh, sequins or even a wrap crop top. They look amazing with high heels and miniskirts. If you’re having a laid-back day out with your friends, you can combine a long-sleeved top with joggers or jeans and simple sneakers. There are thousands of ways to make the crop top work. It’s all about your personal style and preferences.

Bucket Hats

woman speaking on the phone, wearing bucket hat and white top
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This is a type of brimmed hat and it can be made of canvas, denim or corduroy. Besides being fashionable, it’s very practical as well. During the summer, it’s a great way to protect your head and eyes from the sun and keep your skin healthy. And in winter, it’ll keep your head warm, so it’s a win-win situation.

Women wear it for two reasons: to look more stylish and to add a bit of fun to their outfits. If you want to make a statement, go for bold, bright colours. Softer shapes, on the other hand, look more sophisticated. A fantastic approach to add even more uniqueness to your bucket hat is to accessorise it. Use a ribbon, a nice scarf or a few charms or pins to give it a personal touch.

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