What’s All the Fuss About Men’s Derby Shoes?

When it comes to men’s fashion, there are many different ways to express your style, from your choice of accessories like wallets, belts or scarves, to your choice of footwear. Shoes play an essential role in every outfit and when it comes to men’s fashion, they are the key ingredient to every gentlemen’s style. If you want to appear stylish, it’s important to have the right shoes on hand to complete your look for various occasions. Mens derby shoes are some of the trendiest options these days and an essential part of every men’s wardrobe, all for a good reason.

What’s All the Fuss About Men’s Derby Shoes?

Many men find the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes challenging. The easiest and simplest way to tell the difference is to look at the laces. On Oxford shoes, the space between the strips of leather on either side of the tongue with holes punched through for the laces, also known as eyelets tab, is sewn shut at the bottom, while on Derby shoes, they flap open when the laces are undone.

With this so-called open lacing, the quarters are stitched on top of the vamp, making Derby shoes a great choice for a smart or casual outfit. When you look at this type of shoe, you’ll notice there’s no seam between the tongue and the front of the shoe. However, one of the main characteristics of Derby shoes is the elongated or round toe. Also, they’re recognisable for their three-part panelled construction and the stitched leather sole.

derby men shoes

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Lace-up Derby shoes are a timeless and comfortable style of men’s footwear and are very well suited to gentlemen who have a high instep, offering a relaxed look. One of the main reasons why modern men love Derby shoes is because they can slot into almost any wardrobe. You can find versatile and durable mens Derby shoes that will let you level-up your casual look or relax an appearance that’s too smart or formal.

They are very useful as you can pair them with jeans or with a three-piece suit, depending on what the invitation calls for. Today, Derby shoes are available in all kinds of colours and have been adopted by men interested both in style and practicality.

Leather derby shoes are the all-times favourite footwear style for men. The reason is in their appearance and practicality. They appear traditional and polished and work well with a range of outfits.

Black Derby Shoes

Black Derbies are versatile and can easily take you from your workplace to a night out with your friends. They are a sleek and classic footwear option, suitable for various occasions. However, look carefully as there are many different designs, from sophisticated leather design to simple matte leather style, and choose what works best for you. The best thing about black Derby shoes is that you’ll certainly get plenty of wear out of them.

Brown Derby Shoes

They are the perfect solution for formal events. That’s why it’s important to consider when and where you plan to wear them before making a purchase. But even if you want to wear them more casually, you can opt for a more laidback light brown leather style.

Style Your Derby Shoes Right

There is an option for every man and it’s possible to style your Derbies in many different ways. If you’re looking for a pair of Derbies that can work with almost every outfit, opt for dark uppers, but not black, bereft of any detail, cut from leather, and with a chunkier sole than Oxford shoes, but less so than a boot.

different kinds of derby shoes

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But if you opt for more than one pair of Derby shoes, you won’t have to worry about selecting the perfect footwear ever again. They can take you from work to weekend or from casual to more formal occasions. Here are some tips that can help you wear our derby shoes with confidence on various occasions.


If you need a pair of Derby shoes you can wear to a formal occasion, you can opt for Derby dress shoes. They have a sleek design that goes perfectly with a suit, and you can choose between smooth leather styles in black or dark brown tones. To ensure a smart and polished appearance, look for a slim shape with a single leather sole.


If you’re going after a pair of shoes that appears more casual, then select a chunky style with thick soles, preferably a light-coloured design. You can pair this type of Derby shoes with jeans or chinos and a t-shirt, cardigan, or any other comfortable piece of clothing on top, or wear them with trousers and an overshirt. Whatever you choose, your Derby shoes will give your overall look a casual yet stylish and a bit polished tone.

different derby shoes

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About the Fit

The right Derby shoe should fit a little firmer than a casual shoe, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Your Derby shoes should provide a secure fit across the arch and no slippage in the heel. Across the ball of your feet should be firm as well as that area will soften and stretch with wear, especially when it comes to leather Derbies. Lastly, your toes should not touch the end of the toe. A thumb width of space at the end is best, but this can vary from style to style.

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