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A Guide to Replacing Revo Glass Lenses

Mitch Ruda is the name of the NASA engineer responsible for creating the Revo brand. His idea of putting the protective coating used on satellites on sunglasses changed how we perceive the world in a literal sense. In 1985 the Revo story began and as the years went by, more and more celebrities started recognizing the brand’s true vision. This led to Revo expanding their collection of sunglasses up to five different categories in 1994, and a year later they announced their luxury-style sunglasses called Python.

In 1996 Revo announced their first ski google and in 1998 they introduced a sports collection of polycarbonate lenses designed for performance. During the early 2000’s Revo began teaming up with celebrities from different industries to present their capsule collection and their SuperFlex sunglasses. Today, Revo is a brand that has a vast array of categories including lenses inspired from space itself.

What Are Revo Lenses?

Revo lenses are optimized to make colours from the full light spectrum appear more vivid and enhance the user’s visual experience of the world. Revo glass lenses offer protection from harmful light such as blue light and help reduce the risk of health issues and eye strain.

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Benefits of Replacement Lenses


Forget about buying a new pair of glasses and spending more than you can afford to! With a new pair of Revo glass lenses you can get a quality and appealing design that is to last for years to come.


With a new pair of lenses you will also be able to enjoy a better visual experience as now there are new and better coatings available. This also gives you the option to have aesthetically up-to-date shades.

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Types of Revo Lenses

Blue Water

Blue water Revo lenses are useful for eliminating glare from sun rays in bright conditions. These lenses are also a good choice if you are going deep-sea fishing since they are contrast enhancing. This allows you to have better vision of visible light in environments surrounded with water. You get a soothing tint with the Blue Water lenses which makes the available light spectrum pop without affecting natural colours.


These are multi-functional lenses designed for activities such as hiking. Terra lenses are great in variable light conditions thanks to their tint filters and they also enhance the visual clarity in different types of conditions. This is thanks to the ability of the lenses to highlight red, orange and yellow.


A pair of Graphite Revo replacement lenses can enhance the natural vibrant colours and can will also provide protection from harmful rays and intense glare. Graphite lenses are made of contrasting-enhancing filters that have a subtle silver coating. These lenses also dictate the amount of light that passes through them thus making them a good option for almost everything.

Green Water

Green water Revo lenses are able to cut through surface glare in medium to low light conditions. They provide good colour contrast which enhances the vibrance of the colours and they also provide clarity since they highlight the middle of the colour spectrum which is the colour green. Green water lenses are able to block bright glares of riverbeds and lakes. These lenses are great when going fishing, hiking, mountain biking and when playing golf.


These lenses are known to provide the perfect contrast as they provide an even distribution of the whole visible light spectrum. Stealth lenses reduce internal reflections too whilst being able to provide a smooth tint and alter the visible light spectrum of natural colours. These Revo replacement lenses are meant for everyday use.

Solar Orange

These iridescent, high-intensity lenses have a multi-layer mirror coating that enhances surroundings by highlighting mid-range and upper-range light. Green, red and yellow have a glowing effect when wearing sunglasses with this type of lenses and that can make everything much brighter. Solar Orange lenses are meant to be used for outdoor sports.

Open Road

A pair of Open Road Revo lenses provide optical clarity as the image intensifier filters adapt to various lighting conditions seamlessly. These lenses help tune light transmission for better contrast and sharpness. The rose-amber-vermilion blended tint allows for clear visibility in moderate light transmissions too. It’s best to wear these lenses when you are cycling, running or driving.


Champagne lenses allow only 14% of light to pass through them which helps balance out the entire visual spectrum, thus enhancing colours in bright conditions. The subtle pearl mirror colour of these lenses makes them visually appealing too. This makes the Champagne lenses great for any activity for every part of the day.


Source: Revo

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