How to Choose a Scooter for Adults

Adult Scooters – Kicking It with the Perfect Ride

Finding the time to be physically active during the day is becoming a major issue for a lot of people, especially those who have sedentary jobs. A sedentary lifestyle affects not only your physical but also your mental health. That being said, finding an alternative way of commuting to work is one possible solution to this. There are a lot of options today but the most popular one that has made a comeback in an eco-friendly form is the scooter.

While electric scooters are a smart solution, they can’t give you the same benefits as kick scooters. Since the latter are powered by your muscles, an adult kick scooter can help you lose weight and fat, get fit and toned and avoid chronic conditions too. Kick scooters are also more easily portable than their electrically powered counterparts since there is no battery to weigh them down and they require very little maintenance too.

How to Choose a Scooter for Adults

Wheel Size

Best Scooter Wheel Size
This is the most distinguishable feature on an adult scooter with most scooter wheels being made from polyurethane. But when it comes to their size, wheels of adult scooters are split into two categories small and large. Small wheels come in 4 different diameters 100 mm, 120 mm, 125 mm and 145 mm. They are lighter and easier to speed up and slow down whilst being more agile and nimble thanks to the smaller diameter. Large wheels come in 3 different diameters 180 mm, 200 mm and 230 mm. Larger wheels allow you to glide longer distances, have better shock absorption and provide a more comfortable ride since they usually go together with larger decks too.

Deck Size

As mentioned above larger decks help provide a more comfortable ride but they also make it easier to hop on and off the scooter. If your commute covers a long distance its recommended that you get an adult scooter with a larger deck. This is because of their larger wheelbase too which makes it easier to keep a straight line when the scooter is not being pushed.

The less you need to push the scooter the more efficient it is but do not count on portability with a larger scooter deck or control as you don’t get as much of it as with a smaller deck. Smaller decks are easier to handle and can be stored almost everywhere because they reduce the size of almost every other component. While you won’t get as comfortable of a ride, if you are not going to travel that far on the daily it won’t be as important.

Deck Height

Scooter Desk
The height at which the deck is sitting can also influence comfort. Adult scooters with a low deck are going to be more comfortable since your knee won’t bend as much when pushing. This will make it easier for you to gain some speed from when standing steel too. A high deck height is not really something that people go for unless they are going to be riding on rocky or uneven surfaces. Scooters for adults with a lower deck are considered to be high-end scooters.

Folding Mechanism

When it comes to convenience and practicality a simple folding mechanism is what you want to be looking for. The less steps there are to folding a scooter the better. The most commonly used folding mechanism involves three steps. First you decompress the joint that keeps the bar standing upwards with a quick-release clamp. Then, you lift the locking pin up from its notch and shift it to the other and lastly you compress the clamp. This mechanism is called a three-action mechanism. There are manufacturers that have made simpler mechanisms which eliminate the first and last step leaving you with what is called a singe-action mechanism. With this mechanism all you have to do is lift the locking pin from one notch to the other.


Couple ridding Adult Scooter
Suspension on an adult scooter comes in the form of shock absorbers which are usually spring-based. Scooter suspension can be found on both the front and rear or just the front. But most modern kick scooters do not have any suspension since it adds a lot of weight and it makes them less responsive. An adult scooter with suspension means more rattling and squeaks when riding and more moving parts which increases the chances of something wearing out sooner or later. There are also more parts you’ll need to look after which means more maintenance.


Back wheels are the most traditional form of scooter brakes. This brake is engaged by stepping on it with your foot. But there are scooters for adults that also make use of brakes like those found on bikes. These go on the handlebars and work in the same way as a regular bicycle handbrake. Go with whatever design seems the most convenient but keep in mind that if you go with the more traditional braking system you will have to deal with added weight.

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