Wedding Flowers, Rings and Card on Wooden Table

A Few Nods to Classic Fairytales for Your Wedding Day

wedding table decorationsWhen talking about the fact that the bar for romance has always been set up somewhat high, all accusing fingers are pointed at Disney. Now although we all have to be realistic when it comes to the inevitable ups and down every couple faces down the road, there’s no need not to indulge in little fantasy on one’s wedding day. Apart from doing it for your own and your partner’s pleasure, if you decide to host a fairytale inspired wedding, your guests are also sure to love spending the evening feeling as if they are in an enchanted garden or a castle.

One way to sweep your guests off their feet is to have twinkling lights drip from a tree. This can be a perfect place for taking pictures and they will naturally have that amazing bokeh effect. You can combine that with having the whole aisle covered in white and pink petals.

Another great way to make your wedding day resemble a fairytale is to rely on this preference when choosing your wedding table decorations. For instance, by opting for clear glass display dome with a wooden base as your wedding table decorations, you’ll be able to evoke the mystery and romance of Beauty and the Beast. What’s more, a detail such as a single enchanted red rose for each table is a great way to incorporate a fairytale element while avoiding to make it look too cheesy.

Fairytale princesses are always friendly with animals, which is a great reason to have your dog there with you on your special day. Some people even train their dog to be the ring bearer. If you don’t have a lovely furry friend of your own, you can include a dove release in your ceremony.

Wedding decoration

If you feel like spending more on adding a fairy tale element, then why not arrange to have Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage for your transportation for the big day? The ideas and endless and they can cost a lot or next to nothing. Like for example, you can project the moon and stars on the wall at the reception. Just imagine how wonderful it will make it all look during the first dance…

Finally, you can even go with the literal meaning of fairy tale story and have a large photo backdrop in the form of a storybook that says “Once upon a time”. You can add your own words to end that line and some more sentences that describe the beginning of your relationship.

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