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10 Basics You Need to Know Before Starting Your Hairstylist Career

Although a top-notch education is crucial for getting a hairdresser licence, starting your profession in beauty involves much more than just learning basic techniques like colour and cutting. All of these following suggestions are common knowledge, but because so many students neglect or disregard them, mastering them will set you apart from the competition. Nothing to hold you back from owning your dream career as a hair stylist, so begin reading!

1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable


There is no denying that the beauty industry is about taking chances, having faith in your abilities, and being opinionated. You should repeat whatever makes you nervous three times or more until you feel comfortable. Cutting hair for new clients will be a snap once you’ve practised in front of numerous of your peers and seasoned stylists.

2. Dress the Part in Hairdressing Uniforms

It goes without saying that stylists need to lead by example for their clients. You don’t need much to create the perfect staff look by wearing suitable hairdresser uniforms designed for both comfort and style.

Your appearance should demonstrate that you work in the beauty industry. Make sure you always look polished and professional. The hairdressers uniforms are necessary to ensure your clothes remain free of hairs and stains that can easily get on them, so besides the style, there’s another role to them – keeping your attire crisp and neat.

Though it’s not just your attire you ought to pay attention to, but your hair, and makeup too. Looking presentable, fixing your hair, and applying your makeup are your go-to options if your finances at the start of your profession restrict you from upgrading your outfit.

3. Recommend Like an Expert

Experts know that retailing is a component of the job, and the appropriate referral only strengthens your standing as a beauty specialist in your clients’ eyes. Instead of being forceful, take the time to explain to your customer what you are applying to their hair, why you are doing it, and how to use it. When you approach recommending as a suggestion rather than a sale, it becomes simpler. The primary goal of the retail is to assist your client in achieving the same outcomes at home, which will result in a satisfied client. Do not use the phrases “purchase,” “buy,” “sell,” or “retail.” Ask questions like, “Which of these things are you taking home with you today?” and “Are there any other products that you would want to see?” and watch your success rate grow!

4. Stay Humble

Just as in any other industry – your chosen profession is made possible by your salon customers. Always remember to greet each visitor for coming to see you and provide an invitation to return because they always have the option to go somewhere else. The same goes for your colleagues and employer. Remember what they have taught you to launch your career and the doors they have opened for you. These are individuals who want to see you succeed. And continue to let them instruct you! You have the chance to learn something new every single day because nobody is perfect and that’s the fun part of being human.

5. Continue Your Trainng

In their first six months, novice hairdressers must spend significant time with a coach. Regular coaching sessions will assist you in forming positive habits early on and making a professional attitude second nature. If at all feasible, look for a salon mentor before you graduate. The kids help, pick up customer service techniques, get more self-assured, and even get the chance to demonstrate their abilities. In addition to gaining practical experience, a sizable percentage of students receive job offers.

6. Promote Yourself Continuously

Never, ever stop making the growth of your career a priority! Tell folks you’re a skilled hairdresser with fantastic ideas for their hair at any chance you have. You cannot anticipate receiving clients from the salon. Make sure to have and distribute business cards. Asking customers to make appointments in advance is one of the simplest methods to keep them coming back.

7. Turn the Tables on the Interview

Always exercise caution when choosing a job. Investigate potential salons to see whether the culture and policies are a good fit for you. Most crucial, when meeting with your potential employer, don’t be scared to ask questions. Ask about the payment, bonuses, and ongoing training. Count the time it took the previous assistant to get to the floor. Don’t be concerned about “asking too many questions”. Posing inquiries demonstrates confidence.

8. Consider Your Long-Term Goals


Would you like to focus on colour? Curly hair? Highlighting? Even though you are not always required to specialize, you must understand whether your route will be supported by your salon. Use the search process to learn about salons, their strengths, and how they spotlight up-and-coming talent. A new talent section on successful hairstyling saloons websites’, for instance, allows upcoming artists to publish their biographies and discuss their areas of expertise.

9. Be Computer Savvy

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or the neighbourhood art exhibit, making connections will expand the possibilities for your profession. With an online presence, you can not only better advertise yourself, but you can also give email recommendations, keep up with business news, and keep track of what other salons are doing. Nowadays, there are so many things done online that hairdressers without digital abilities could easily be left behind.

10. Go the Extra Mile

Customer service should be your top priority from the first time you meet a client. Pay attention, direct your guests to a chair, and offer to store their bags or jackets. Throughout the service, offer them a beverage and frequently ask them how they’re feeling. Is the water warm enough? Are they comfortable? As with any career, it’s crucial to constantly leave your personal difficulties outside of the workplace. When a client is seated in your chair, she or he comes first. You will frequently, if not always, discover that hearing about someone else’s day by providing a gorgeous new hairstyle or colour also makes your own day better—no matter how challenging it started to be!

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