Dessert Is Served: How to Choose the Best Cake for a Special Occasion

Who doesn’t love cake? What makes cakes special, is that we often associate them with many diverse forms of occasions including, birthdays, baby showers, or weddings. Cakes are indeed a bundle of joy that can give more meaning to special dates and events in our lives and satisfy our sweet-tooth craving. So, whether you decide to make one at home, or order a cake online, the choice is yours. What truly matters is choosing the right one for the occasion.

How Do I Pick the Best Cake?

There are so many great cakes featuring a variety of flavours, sizes, and designs you can pick from, for a variety of purposes. From some plain old-fashioned recipes to many amazing and intricate designs, that takes true mastery and art to create it. In this article, we’ll outline some of the most important factors you need to pay attention to when it comes to picking the perfect special occasion cake, including choosing the right flavour, selecting the right shape and size, choosing from where to buy it, and defining your budget.

Choose Your Favorite Flavour

cherry cake slices on table


Nothing in the world tastes as good as a freshly baked cake. When it comes to picking the right flavour, there are so many you can choose from including vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, butterscotch, coffee, blubbery, and many more. If you are picky, then you probably already know which one is your favourite. Also, If you are not really into baking your cake at home, you can always find a reputable online cake shop and order from the comfort of your home.

Pick the Right Size and Shape

After you’ve chosen your favourite flavour, it’s time to pick the right size and shape of your cake. Celebrations cakes are available in various shapes and sizes, and among the most popular ones are round, square, and rectangular. The size of your cake is usually determined by how many guests you plan to invite to your party. The most popular sizes are around 25-50 pieces of servings.

However, bigger celebrations events such as weddings may require some intricate tiered cake designs that can serve 50 to 100 guests. But, if you’re having 150 guests or more, you’ll most likely need to choose four or more tiers for your cake design.

Buying Your Cake Online Vs. Local Bakery Shops

If you are an artistic soul who likes to create, I don’t believe that you would like to order your cake. There are many talented cake artists who just find pleasure in doing this, as with any form of art, but for many people, this can be time-consuming and also frustrating as their cake may not turn out exactly how they want it to be.

Then, why ruin your special day when you can actually decide to buy your favourite flavorful cake from a local bakery store or choose to order it online. These days there are many great online cake shops and local bakeries shops that offer diverse choices of tastes and designs you can choose from.

Choose the Right Design for the Occasion

red heart shaped valentines cake


Every type of occasion needs a special cake to mark the special event and make it a memorable event for us and for the people we choose to share it with. But different occasions require specific designs and themes to match the type of celebration. For instance, as kids usually enjoy looking up to their favourite characters from cartoons and kids’ movies, they want their cake to feature a theme with their favourite hero or Disney princess.

Weddings and Valentine’s day, on the other hand, have a more romantic vibe so the designs should translate the feeling of love, and appreciation. Most often Valentine’s day is also chosen as a popular wedding date by many couples, so a sweet decadent cake with a romantic theme such as red roses, hearts, cherubs, or cupid figures are often added to achieve this popular wedding appearance.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, choosing a cake of your personal preference means having into consideration one other important factor, and that is your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Cakes come at various prices depending on the design, size, themes, and the number of servings included. The price can range from 20$ to 300 $ taking into account all these factors.

For instance, wedding cakes usually cost the most, as there are so many things that dictate their price, including the level of intricacy of the design, the ingredients included, the time spent on making it, or the number of tiers included. Most important is to be happy with your choice, and choose a cake that matches your taste and offers great value for the money.

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