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Pet Transport – Tips for a Successful Vacation with Your Furry Friend

So you want to give yourself a little time for relaxing away from home and treat yourself to a vacation. Probably everything would’ve been simpler if you were traveling alone, but you have your furry friend with you, which makes things a little bit complicated. Luckily, however, today travelling with a pet is less stressful and more convenient than ever. With so many hotels and airlines accommodating dogs, going on a vacation with your pet is not that big a deal provided that you know all the things your pet will need before the flight, on it and after. Feeling a bit confused? Why not hire the help of a reliable animal transport Sydney based company? I know I would. Here’s why.

animal transport Sydney

Travel arrangements

The first thing on the list is the travel arrangement. You need to decide between air travel and road trip. Flying is certainly a more convenient choice. It is faster and causes less stress for dogs. When it comes to travel arrangements, you can make it all on your own, but keep in mind that you will need more time and probably you will make some things wrong because of the lack of experience. Fortunately, you can save yourself from a headache just by hiring a professional pet transport company. They have all the knowledge and experience to transport your pet without a hassle.

To find a good company that offers animal transport Sydney wide, go online. This way you can find all you want to know about it without spending time driving. You can also contact them by mail or phone. A well-established company will help you book a flight with the shortest route possible, provide you with an airline approved kennel, pre-flight play and walk, flight check-in, delivery of your dog, transit care, and much more. To get to and from the airport, your dog will spend some time in the car, which means that you need to ensure he has a good pet car seat for a comfortable and safe ride. Keep in mind that your dog may have motion sickness so you may need to take some prescribed medications.

But besides choosing a reliable animal transport company, there are some other things you’ll need to pay attention to, such as the following.

Choose a pet-friendly destination

Without a doubt, Australia is one of the world’s best places to travel to travel to with your pet as it has so many pet-friendly destinations. For example, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia is one of THE places to go. It is located south of Adelaide and it offers amazing views over beaches and vineyards. The well-known Onkaparinga River Recreation Park is a really awesome spot for you and your bud – you can enjoy walking along valleys, rivers, and gorges without a care in the world.

Another destination to consider is South West, Western Australia. This region offers so many options for a fun time with your dog. For example, Perth has a lot of dog-friendly parks, like North Floreat Beach in Cambridge and Ashfield Flats nearby Bassendean. You can even enjoy camping with your dog as this region offers a range of pet-friendly accommodation including caravan parks. You can also visit the Mandurah and enjoy the beautiful parks and beaches it has.

It’s time for packing

Packing the essentials for your pet is another thing you need to take care of. Here is a short checklist for you: a first aid kit, water and food bowls, treats, harness and collar, flea and tick preventives, food and ID tags, etc. Even if you are doing everything right, your pet can still get stressed out from the trip. For that reason, it’s important to keep yourself calm so your pet can also relax. So yes, by all means, carefully choose a pet-friendly destination, pack your dog’s essentials and hire an animal transport service that will make your adventure that much more pleasant and easier.

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