Wardrobe Racks: A Lovely Way to Keep Your Belongings in Check

Literally every room in the home can benefit from having some kind of a hanging rack. In the hallway it makes for a convenient storage solution for any coats, hats and scarves. Without a wardrobe rack in our bedrooms, our clothes would be scattered all over the place. In the kitchen you can use it to keep aprons, mittens and cloths within close reach, while in bathroom a towel rack is an important necessity. And if you’re creative enough. I’m sure you can also find a reason to use it in the living room as well. I’ve even seen people use a wardrobe rack as an unusual way to display and organize their plants, so there really is no limit to the ways you can use it.

Wardrobe Rack

Nevertheless, the primary reason you’d use a rack is to organize your stacks of clothes. And let’s face it, nobody has time to fold clothes in a perfect manner and organize them in drawers. Plus, they’ll end up having ugly folding lines anyway. But having one or several wardrobe racks (depending on the actual size of your clothes collection) allows you to have a quick way to organize your clothes and prevent them from piling up on the bed or chair. What’s more, with your closet space at a minimum, you can use a separate freestanding wardrobe rack. Not only is this a smart solution to increase your storage space, but putting your wardrobe on display like this also has a certain romantic, carefree feel to it.

The beauty of wardrobe racks is that they come in plenty of gorgeous design which allows you to use them as an additional piece in your design scheme. You can see racks in all kinds of styles ranging from French provincial, to Scandinavian, industrial, and all the way to modern, eclectic pieces. Go with a wooden rack to warm up the mood of the space, or a metallic one if you want to add a futuristic feel to it. Wardrobe racks add a character to the room the way traditional closets can’t compete with.

Many racks also come with additional integrated features such as shoe stands, drawers, and umbrella holders which gives you even more ways to organize your belongings. If you want an even more practical solution, consider a rolling rack. It can be easily moved around your home, stored out of sight and brought to the front when you need it. You can also use such a rack as a clothes drier and reel it under a sunny window sill or to the balcony. The nice thing about racks is that they always welcome customization, therefore you can easily include all sorts of additional elements to an existing design, like for instance an extra rod for bags and belts.

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