Unique Ways a Stool Chair Can Find Its Purpose in Your Home

If you ask me, decorating a home should be all about creating the perfect blend of functionality and attractiveness. Unfortunately, people often end up over-cluttering their homes with things that look good but serve no practical purpose. With that being said, before buying a new piece of furniture or homeware, it’s best to ask yourself “ How can I put this thing to good use?”. The stool chair is a piece so versatile and functional that it can be squeezed almost everywhere, looks good and has several functions. Let’s see some reasons why having one or several stool chairs around the home is such a great idea!

high stool chair 2

Unusual Seating for the Dining Room & Kitchen

Are you tired from the old matching dining room set and plan to do something about it? In that case, throwing a high stool chair into the mix can be quite a refreshing change. Currently, mix and match dining room sets are all the rage with people using combinations of different chair styles to spark interest. And there’s an array of high stool chair styles to choose from, ranging from modern to rustic. Additionally, if you have a kitchen counter, a set of high stools is a great way to transform it into a spot for enjoying meals or casual mingling.

Living Room Accent Piece

A living room shouldn’t go without some sort of a stool which it can be used for everything you can think of. Not only is a stool easy to move around the room whenever the occasion demands an extra seat, but it can also serve double duty as a side table. Just picture it, a stool by the sofa can be the perfect spot to rest your drink, remote or a book. are just some examples of how to use a stool in the living room, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of other ideas as well. Just make sure to choose a stool in a colour and texture that will complement the style of the interior.

A Unique Nightstand

The small size of the stool makes it ideal to be used as an unexpected alternative to a nightstand. A stool in a funky colour can instantly cheer up the bedroom and add an eclectic vibe. Just make sure that its surface is the precise size to place an alarm clock, a lamp or a nightly snack.

A High Plant Stand

Looking for a plant stand to showcase your gorgeous calathea? If you have a stool lying around, you needn’t look any further as it’s the perfect height to place a potted plant – both on the seat and underneath it. This is a great idea if you want to create a charming plant display that will impress your guests.

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