Simple Luxury: How to Decorate with Glass Jars

There are many inexpensive ways to bring something new into your home décor. One of the simplest items that offer an endless number of possibilities for decoration, glass jars come in handy for creative people who love DIY projects or anyone who wants to freshen up their home décor. Of course, the most common place we use jars is the kitchen – whether it’s with some cool accessories that can turn jars into other useful things, or as containers for keeping food and spices fresh or for marinating.

homemade jars

Nevertheless, even though they may be simple containers with a lid, they can be used and reused in as many ways as you can think of outside of your fridge, like for instance to display lollies, small decorative items, or anything that fits in them, as a vase, a pot, or a candle holder for romantic ambience, etc.

While any old jar you have at home can serve for decoration, if you are up for something a little bit more special, you can find unique handmade glass bulk jars to add some simple luxury and even more style to your home décor.

Decorations for Different Occasions

Regardless of whether you are decorating for a special occasion or want to add something more permanent to the overall decoration in your home, your outdoor area, at work, and so on, decorating with jars can be fun, creative and very versatile. So, if you have some jars, whether it’s a nice contemporary jar or a regular one, whether it’s big or small, wide or narrow, with some imagination you can use it to add personality and unique beauty into your décor easily.

glass jar

One of the many ways homeowners and even professional interior designers use jars for decoration is as candles. The simplest thing is to use them as candle holders. You can use some small stones or sand you’ve gathered at the beach, decorative stones or any other thing that comes to mind, to keep the candle in place.

The only rule to making candle holders out of glass jars is to use your imagination and come up with something unique. For instance, you can use glass paint and give the jars a colour that will go well with your décor, or if you like painting, you can paint something interesting on it. You can even try using a fluid, like water, to hold tea light candle cups for a different effect. If you like doing crafts, you can make your own handmade beeswax candles in a jar, or even make a homemade oil lamp.

Furthermore, you can also make special occasion decorations with jars, like holiday decorations, or décor for parties like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, weddings. For parties, you can use them for centrepieces, or as decorations on the side – with candles, decorative stones, lollies etc.

For holidays, you can fill them with something that’s symbolic for that holiday, whether it’s some objects or some treats. For instance, you can display your Halloween or Christmas candy in glass jars.

Creative people have been doing so much with regular or modern kitchen storage jars. And if you are crafty the options are limitless. Use them to wrap a gift, to display souvenirs or memorabilia, like photos in a unique way, make a cool vase, etc., or even to create your own unique glass jar light fixture.

Small Home Garden


Aside from using them as vases, whether as they are, or decorated in some way, jars can also be used as flower pots. If you like to have greenery in your home, of course, you can go for regular pots or, something more convenient, like self-watering pots, but you can also choose these simple glass containers for your small home garden. Depending on the plant you want to plant, choose the right size, and make your home décor greener and fresher.

For example, you can plant some herbs in regular size or bigger bulk jars, so that you always have fresh spices for cooking or for teas and store them in the kitchen. Some types of plants also prefer when they are placed in a see-through container, like for instance Orchids, so glass jars will be perfect for them. A modern jars garden can be very handy, but it will also bring a fresh and unique style.

For Storing and Organising

gold glass jar

As mentioned, the most popular way to use and reuse jars is for storing and organising. And this includes anything that can fit in a jar. Whether it’s something that needs to be stored in an airtight container, such as coffee, sugar, spices, lollies, dog treats etc., or something that simply needs to be organised together, like pencils, sewing kits, beauty products, scrunchies, accessories, coins, etc. And let’s not forget about the ever so important tip jar.

But even when you use jars to store things, you should take advantage of the colours and the shapes of the things you are putting in them. Make sure that you organise the items in a nice-looking decorative manner, while still making it all functional and useful.

Another decorative and practical idea is to make a soap dispenser from a unique jar. Whether you buy one or you reuse an old one, this can look quite amazing in your bathroom.

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