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Sex Toys: Spice Things Up in The Bedroom

If in the past sex toys used to be taboo, but nowadays they are an essential accessory in a woman’s life. You don’t have to be single or in a relationship to consider getting one, because a sex toy works either way. You can use it whenever you want, with or without a partner. Sex toys can get your sex life back on track by giving you the chance to explore your body in different ways and learn what feels pleasant for you. Also, you don’t have to depend on anybody to give yourself a good and relaxing orgasm.

On the market, you can find toys in all shapes, sizes, colours and with features like different vibrations or the ability to be controlled via Wi-Fi. They look quite sleek and very discreet, so there is no need to worry whether someone will know what you bought. Before you decide to get one for yourself or your partner, make sure you know what kind of stimulation you want. And of course, always purchase sex toys from trustworthy brands like Lelo that’s been around since 2003.

Why Sex Toys Matter When You’re Single

The great thing about sex toys is that this is a safe, and comfortable way to relax without putting your needs at bay. No matter how old you are, sex toys are always a good idea. This way, you’re not only exploring your body, but you get to feel various sensations and stimulations that will uncover a whole new world. Of course, having a partner is a wonderful thing, and nothing beats intimacy, but, there is no reason why not to give your body what it needs.

Women in menopause are recommended to use sex toys so they can prevent atrophy of the vaginal walls. This is a great way to keep things going smoothly; the sex toy will stimulate blood flow in the vaginal area, which improves lubrication, healing and stimulation of nerves. Sex toys can also be wonderful for stretching the vaginal walls so actual penetration is less painful (no matter the age of the woman).

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For Those in a Relationship

Exploring sex with a partner is a lovely and exciting experience. Lelo for example offers a variety of sex toys for couples such as cock rings, vibrator/prostate massager combos, and so on. Lelo sex toys are specially designed to stimulate the right spots on both men’s and women’s bodies, so double pleasure will be guaranteed. This way both partners will have a pleasant stimulation, no matter what type of sex they are engaging in.

This can be a wonderful thing for your sex life, no matter at what stage you are at. You can be a fresh new couple in your teens, or early twenties, or in a steady relationship in the late forties. There is no rule on when to start using it. Also, when both partners are stimulated by the sex toys, they get to relax better, the lubrication is on point so the actual intercourse can occur without any issues.

Improved Libido, Health and Self-Confidence

Stressful everyday life, worries, depression, job, school, you name it. It can all affect the libido. But, a sex toy can work its magic and boost the libido again. This is because these toys are specially made for your pleasure. The design itself is made to help you achieve the climax without putting in too much effort.

Using sex toys is ideal for incontinence in women; by using the sex toy your pelvic floor strengthens up so it’s like doing Kegel exercises only with the lovely finish. Also, using sex toys is excellent for insomnia, because it relaxes your body, releases good hormones and allows you to relax and fall asleep.

Did I mention they are great for your heart health? Sex and the use of sex toys increase your heart rate which is excellent for your metabolism and blood. And when it comes to self-confidence, well, sex and orgasm are always the best way to give it a boost. Yes, even sex toys will make you appreciate your body and how you feel about it; nobody feels down after a good orgasm.

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How to Choose the One?

You may be attracted to certain shapes, lengths, or colours, and choosing these features all comes down to personal preference. But what doctors suggest is to always go for sex toys that are skin-safe. That said, your toy should be made from medical-grade silicone, metal, toughened glass, or ABS plastic. These materials are safe for use and can be easily cleaned. Avoid jelly and rubber as these materials are porous, so they will be problematic for cleaning. Also, these materials will degrade over time.

When purchasing your sex toys, make sure to also get a pH-balanced lubricant; the last thing you want is to be unable to use your sex toy properly.
Many women prefer slim sex toys that can easily be inserted (no matter what you are seeing in adult films, the length and girth aren’t always preferred). In case you have health issues that are affecting your sexual well-being, make sure to see your doctor. They would be able to advise you the best on what type and if it’s appropriate to use any sex toys.

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