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Beginner’s Guide to Sex Toys for Couples: Amp Up the Heat in the Bedroom

There will come a point when you simply run out of positions, settings, and role-playing scenarios to try when you’ve been with one person for a while. You’ve experienced everything, so is this pretty much it? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

You can always add spices to sauces, salads, and other meals to change up the flavour, right? The same holds true for your sexual life as well. In fact, experts claim sex toys can help rekindle the passion in your relationship. 

There’s nothing to be ashamed of – according to statistics, one in three couples in Australia has experimented with toys at some point in their relationship. Plus, there is always the option to covertly order sex toys Australia shops sell online if purchasing in-person makes you uneasy.

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Why Should Couples Use Sex Toys Together?

Exploring a new toy together may be a romantic journey in and of itself. Adult toys frequently provide special sensations that human bodies are unable to produce on their own. They give relationships a boost of novelty and fun that is beneficial to couples of all genders, body types, and orientations.

When you’re not quite up to the challenge of pleasing your lover, they help to relieve some of the burdens. On tired weeknights or lazy weekend mornings, for example, you might not feel like putting a lot of physical effort into sex; with toys, you don’t have to.

Women’s “orgasm gap” is another reason to introduce devices. Using an adult toy is a fantastic way to overcome the inability to orgasm. If your partner has a vulva, giving them 15 to 20 minutes of nonstop clitoral care helps them experience orgasm. And there are plenty of sex devices that can hasten the process.

What to Look For in a Toy?

Any product for intimate play you’re considering should have the following features:

Body-Safe Materials

Since there’s no government body to oversee the adult products market, buyers must conduct their own research before purchasing to confirm that they are in fact safe for human use. Many cheap sex toys include phthalates, plasticiser chemicals linked to a higher risk of cancer, birth abnormalities, and decreased fertility. These substances are also known to irritate the skin and delicate vaginal tissues.

That said, these products need to be made of hypoallergenic, medical- or food-grade materials that are suitable for close contact. 100% silicone, glass, steel, sealed ceramic, and plastic are among the safe, non-porous materials health experts suggest.

Deep Vibrations

You should search for vibrating toys with low-pitched, or “rumbly,” vibrations if you’re interested in buying one. This is regarded as the gold standard because it stimulates your erogenous zones’ deeper tissues rather than just the skin’s surface.

Rumbly sensations are especially great if you love longer sessions and/or having several orgasms because, unlike more “buzzy” vibes, they don’t typically result in an irritating feeling of numbness after a few minutes.

A Design You Both Like

Above all, be sure that both you and your partner are into the toys you chose. Using them can be a terrific way to communicate your likes, dislikes, and wishes to another person in a way that fosters deeper connection and sexual fulfilment.

You don’t have to enjoy or want a certain type of sex toy simply because it’s popular; in fact, picking products that speak to you and your partner will probably lead to new possibilities for experimentation and higher levels of pleasure.

The Best Toys to Try as a Couple

BDSM Products

BDSM is perhaps the most popular kink out there as a result of being popularised in the Fifty Shades of Gray movies. Even if you don’t like the movies, BDSM is one of those fetishes that you won’t know you like until you give it a try.

It’s not necessary to start with hard bondage immediately. BDSM action that isn’t too intense can often ignite the sparks. With some silk ties, a blindfold mask, a rubber whip, handcuffs, and a safe word that both of you will respect, you may begin to safely explore the realm of pleasurable pain. There are even bondage sets that take the form of a game with rules and action cards to heighten the sense of anticipation.

Cock Ring

This is essentially a vibrating penis ring which is placed to strategically rub against the entire clitoral area while a couple is enjoying penetrative vaginal intercourse. As a result, vibrating cock rings are an excellent option for partner sex.

Penis rings are beneficial because they keep the blood flowing to the genital region, which supports a man’s erection. Additionally, a lot of males get stimulated by those vibrations.

Butt Plug

The safest approach to test the waters with anal if you’re curious but just too nervous about how it will feel is to use a butt plug. Start with the smallest size offered and increase it gradually as you become more at ease.

You can find butt plugs and other penetrative sex toys Australia wide that are manufactured of materials that have received medical approval and are non-toxic. Metal butt plugs are simple to clean and allow you to experiment with temperature play to determine if it makes you hot or not.  

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