Scooter for Big Kids: the Buying Tips You Need

Scooters are an extremely fun way to get around town while getting some exercise as well. They are a cheaper alternative to bikes and have gained much popularity in the recent years. With the market overflowed with many types and brands of scooters, you need to gather some knowledge about them upfront in order to make the right purchase.

Scooters are great for people at almost every age. Depending on the age of the person riding it, the size and balance levels of the scooter will vary. For example, a scooter for big kids (aged 10-16 for example) will have two wheels instead of three and will be able to accelerate at higher speeds than a scooter for small kids (aged 4-10). Furthermore, a scooter for big kids will be bigger in size, it will be made from heavier and more durable materials allowing for more rough riding.


The materials kick scooters are usually made from are aluminium or a combination of aluminion and plastic. The reason aluminium is the go-to material is because of its lightweight and extreme durability, ensuring that it won’t break easily and will last for a longer time than scooters made from other materials. Aluminium can also withstand weights of up to 100 kg, maybe slightly less when combined with plastic.

Moreover, what makes these kick scooters so great are their unique features which add more versatility. Adjustable handles will allow the scooter to be usable after the child grows up which is a great option.

When it comes to the wheels, they’re most often made from a machined aluminium core and have a layer of hard-wearing urethane on the outer side. Most manufacturers produce the wheels in different sizes and colours to match handlebar grips and decks. It’s important to know that wheels wear out over time and that you can replace them with a pair of new wheels which are usually sold at scooter shops and are found in packs of four. One of the most often overlooked features is their ability to fold which helps for easy carrying and storage.

So to conclude, buying a kick scooter for your kid is a great way for them to use it as a means of travel, while getting some exercise at the same time. Do a good research before hitting the stores or clicking “purchase” online in the pursuit of the ideal scooter for big kids to surprise your children. Good luck and have fun!

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