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Large Tactical Backpacks: Exploring Better Ways to Carry Your Essentials

Soldiers, hikers, and long-distance travellers know that the backpack can make or break your journey! However, with so many features to choose from, finding a large tactical backpack that meets your needs can be difficult. Check out the following guidelines for making a well-informed decision when looking for the right one. 

The Different Features of Large Tactical Backpacks 

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What makes the large army backpack so popular is its convenience and wide range of uses. However, large tactical backpacks also have distinguishing characteristics that set them apart from smaller models and other types of bags.

Bigger Compartment Size 

Large tactical backpacks have more compartments than other models, allowing them to store many essentials. The compartment size, in most cases, will be between 35 and 45 litres. For added space, the bag may have an expandable pull string storage compartment. You can also find an extra-large tactical backpack with a capacity of about 150 litres, suitable for a multi-day trip. 

Various Number of Pockets 

Large tactical bags come with a variety of different size pockets to help with organisation. You can choose a model with five to seven pockets depending on the items you plan to carry and the nature of your trip. This pocket variety is good for organising and storing your fire-starting kit, flashlights, defence items, communication equipment, etc. 

Hydration Packs 

Staying hydrated allows your body to maintain its equilibrium in hot weather and improves overall health. However, when carrying a large bag, accessing a water bottle may be difficult. Tactical backpacks, unlike regular ones, include hydration bladders and a drinking tube. Some have expandable side pockets with an opening for your drinking tube where you can store your water bladder.

MOLLE System 

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) is another feature that sets the large capacity army backpack apart from the competition. This system uses nylon webbing and loops to create a space where pouches and equipment can be attached. Because these loops are wide and close together, they allow for even weight distribution. The MOLLE webbing is also tough and durable, allowing it to carry heavy items.

Choosing the Right Material

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When looking for the best army backpack, it’s important to consider the materials it’s made of. Although most military-grade models are made of tough, long-lasting fabric, there are some notable differences.

Nylon is the most common material used in the manufacturing of tactical backpacks. This material is lightweight, strong and flexible enough to carry heavy items for long periods without tearing. However, nylon tactical backpacks are not waterproof. But still, the material dries quickly and is resistant to mould and mildew.

 Besides Nylon, Cordura is another material used to make tactical backpacks. This material is a dense nylon fibre with a water-repellent fabric structure. It may contain a small percentage of cotton in some cases to improve wear resistance.

Cordura bags are firm and durable because they go through several processing stages. Aside from that, they are chemically resistant and do not scuff after prolonged use. However, when exposed to sunlight for long periods, they may take some time to dry and age.

The material you choose for your backpack will affect its longevity and usability. For example, when you choose a nylon one, you will carry a lighter load but risk water damage to your belongings. Using a tactical backpack made from Cordura, on the other hand, will increase durability, but you will have to wait longer for the bag to dry after washing.

Because all other materials used to make tactical backpacks, such as polyester and canvas, have advantages and disadvantages, it’s critical to weigh them all when choosing a bag. For example, if you travel frequently and bring many heavy items, a Cordura bag is a good choice. If you’re going to use the backpack to carry bulky items that you don’t want to get wet, a nylon or polyester model is a better option.

The Different Uses of Large Army Backpacks 

Tactical bags have distinct characteristics that make them ideal for various applications. For example, you can use a large tactical backpack for a one-day trip during your deployment. When hiking or cycling, you can also use it to transport water and safety equipment. When you leave your home or base camp for several days, you’ll need to bring more items that won’t fit into a standard tactical bag. In this case, a 3-day tactical backpack with a larger compartment will suffice to hold everything you’ll need for the trip.

How to Find the Best Military Backpack for You 

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Finding the right tactical backpack is not always easy. For the most part, it will depend on your level of experience. You can read reviews until the cows come home, but keep in mind that you’re interpreting someone else’s viewpoint on a backpack. What matters is that you get a pack that is suitable for your body and for the purpose for which you intend to use it. There’s a significant difference between a backpack for camping and one that will serve as a bug-out bag. We recommend you decide on the features you require first, narrow down your options based on that, and then weigh your options using reviews and ratings.

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