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Jean-Friendly Women’s Sandals That You’ll Love

There are sandals and there are quality sandals. So, what’s is the difference? First off, in their material. Quality sandals are made of high-quality materials which can withstand many years of heavy use. Suede and leather are the main two of the long-lasting quality materials. For the purpose of making sandals, they are dyed, cut and stitched with care. Leather is always a good choice as it can conform to the shape of our feet even from the first wear thus reducing chafing and rubbing.

Another good side of quality ladies sandals is the comfort level. Normally, sandals feature hard, flat and inflexible soles that leave your feet in pain after wearing them for an hour or so. But quality sandals are made with cushy, thick and flexible soles providing you with a lot of comfort. Some models even have great arch support encouraging proper walking and standing posture. So, regardless of whether you are dealing with a high arch or medium arch you don’t need to give up on wearing sandals.

sandals and jeans outfit

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And yes, female sandals come in a range of trendy and classic designs. You can choose sandals for literally any occasion. From simple comfortable flats for day-wear to glamour high heels for nights out – the options are endless design-wise. What about work? Is it appropriate to wear sandals to work? Why not, just make sure you choose the right design. A classic style in black or nude will work perfectly with a formal skirt or pants and a shirt. If you work in an office where there is no strict dress code, you can choose something business casual like widget sandals or comfortable flats. However, you should still stick to simple designs because the office is not the place where you can experiment and be too playful.

When it comes to women’s sandals, there are many discussions about whether you should wear them or not. With so many contrasting bits of information circulating around about this question, it’s normal to ask yourself are sandals better for your feet? Well, sandals can be good to your feet only if they are made with quality material and if they can provide comfort and proper arch support. Moreover, they let your feet breathe during the warmer months like no other shoe type which makes them the perfect summer footwear that’s worth the investment.

During the hot summer days, women usually wear sandals with skirts, shorts and dresses. However, when the days get a bit chilly it doesn’t mean you need to immediately pack your sandals for the next season. Instead, you can still pair and wear them with jeans or pants. Sandals and jeans are the perfect combination for spring and even for summer if shorts are not your favourite thing. For all jeans lovers, here are the most jean-friendly female sandals.

Flat and simple thong sandals

These sandals are the winner of the denim-friendly list. Due to their simple design, they can be paired with virtually every style of jeans and moreover, they can be very comfortable as well. For a look that is casual and classic without being too sloppy or trendy, look for leather, suede or faux leather uppers and either one or two wide or medium-wide straps or a single or multiple skinny straps. Sandals with really heavy uppers or too many wide straps will overwhelm some jeans styles. Moreover, they can make your feet look bigger than they actually are. When it comes to colour, brown, black or other neutral shades would work great with most outfits. But, if you are a more dynamic person and you want to reflect this in your style, don’t be afraid to play with prints, colour and textures.

Wedge heeled sandals

These work great especially with bootcut jeans, flared jeans, long, skinny jeans, rolled jeans and boyfriend jeans. Be careful with cropped, leg and cigarette jeans as really heavy wedge sandals can overwhelm these styles.

Slide sandals

There are several reasons why flat slide sandals are a great match for jeans. First, by nature, they have only one vamp strap or maybe a couple. Because of this, they show a lot of foot and therefore really work great with any jeans style. Also, they don’t have a toe strap – there are many people who have a problem with thongs hurting their feet. If you are worried that slides won’t be able to stay tight on your feet, look for a model with ankle straps. These models look especially cute with rolled boyfriend jeans.

Strappy heeled sandals

strappy heeled sandals and jeans

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You can pair jeans with almost any style of heeled sandals. Open-toed, strappy sandals, stilettos, chunky heels – the sky is the limit. Adding a pair of heels is a great way to dress up your favourite pair of jeans for a night out with your partner or friends.

Where to get sandals? Buying the right pair of sandals is easy. There are plenty of physical stores and online stores that offer quality ones. Just make sure you check the type of material as that’s the most obvious sign of quality.

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