Avene: The Art of Ageing Gracefully

What is Avene?

Avene is a dermatological company that can provide you with the highest quality skincare products. It all started in a small village in Southern France where the climate conditions are perfect and the Mediterranean and Atlantic influences allow people to enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The journey with the Avene Thermal Spring Water started in 1736 when it was discovered that the water in the Orb Valley from the Sainte-Odile spring has healing, soothing and had anti-irritating properties. It was in 1871 when America discovered the benefits of this thermal water when they started using it to treat the burnt victims of the Great Chicago Fire. From the very beginning, Avene strived to build a strong relationship with its customers based on trust and the production of high-quality products.

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Are Avene Products Safe?

All the ingredients in Avene products are chosen with great care regarding safety, tolerance and effectiveness. This especially goes for the products designed for sensitive and reactive skin. So it goes without saying that all Avene products are safe to use.

Is Avene Vegan?

avene skin recovery cream

Avene is not 100% completely vegan. The company claims that they try to avoid the use of animal-based ingredients but in some situations, this isn’t possible as no plant or synthetic alternative is available. However, once a plant or synthetic alternative is available, they replace the animal-based ingredients with vegan ones.

The Most Important Things to Know about Skin Aging

Over time, the skin develops wrinkles, becomes less radiant and loses its firmness. All these signs are pointers that your skin is aging. While genetics can play a major role in how your skin will deal with the aging process, usually our lifestyle and skincare are responsible for these changes.

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These marks are caused by a change or a gradual decrease in elastin, collagen fibres, hyaluronic acid and skin dryness. When not treated right and not protecting the skin with an SPF cream, the signs of aging might come faster, even during the 20s.

Prevention is Essential

While there is no elixir of youth and we cannot slow do time, there are some things that we can undertake in order to prevent or prolong skin aging. Except for wearing sunglasses and hats that have a UV label, using SPF products and Avene skin recovery cream products can certainly help in slowing down the aging process.

The Most Popular Avene Anti-Ageing Creams

A-Oxitive Product Line

a oxitive avene skin recovery cream

This Avene skincare cosmetic line can protect your skin against everyday aggressors. Using it can lead to improved elasticity and having a young-looking skin. The secret of this product line lays in the innovative Gradual Release that slowly transforms Pro-Vitamin C into Pure Vitamin C once it comes in contact with the skin. The Gradual Release Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which fights against the free radicals. A smoothing water cream and serum are the main products of the A-Oxitive Avene line that can help you fight aging. The face cream of this line contains copper and purple pigments that can readjust the skin’s balance of light and colour. It is suitable for all types of sensitive skin.


avene_physiolift_range avene skin recovery cream

The Physiolift Avene skin recovery cream line can smooth the appearance of pronounced wrinkles while re-tightening and illuminating the skin. It also protects the skin from free radicals thanks to the powerful antioxidant Pre-tocopheryl while preserving its radiance. It also enhances the skin tone and soothes the irritated and sensitive skin thanks to the contained Avene Thermal Spring Water. The Physiolift serum contains a high-performance active formula providing the skin with hydro-lifting effects. This formula is enriched with pearlescent and firming agents in order to give the user a dynamic lift without the mask effect. Face creams, eyes cream, smoothing and plumping serum as well as a cosmetic wrinkle filler are the products of this amazing skincare line. All of these creams are designed for all sensitive skin types.


dermabsolu avene skin recovery cream

This skincare line is specially designed for mature and sensitive skin. It is great for providing firmness, comfort and vitality thanks to its active ingredients. Glycoleol in some of these products is an essential skin lipid precursor which nourishes the skin and restores its suppleness. Thanks to this, the skin is nourished for quite long – it stays smooth ad soft for a long period of time. Day and night creams, serums and eye creams are the most popular products of this skincare cosmetic line. The Dermabsoly skincare products also contain a ‘white light’ pigment which is combined with two natural glow pigments (violet copper). This pigment gently illuminates the face without causing an excessive shine which is a quite important thing for a lot of women. These products are designed for women with sensitive skin who are in the search of products that will make them feel comfortable in their own body. It is also designed for all those who want to take action against sagging skin.

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