Piano Moving

The Grandeur of Owning a Piano Fades Away if You Try to Move It Yourself

My wife plays the piano almost angelically. I’ve never been a fan of classical music, but when she touches the piano and starts playing something, I think I fall into a short trance. It’s like my mind instantly becomes hypnotised and relaxed…damn that feeling is so good.

The piano was positioned in the large salon attached to the living room in our old house and it stood there perfectly, not crowding the room, looking all grandiose. It’s funny how people are easily deceived by a few objects in the house; they instantly think everything comes easy and they don’t really appreciate the effort of getting a piano, bringing and positioning it, taking care of it and finally – moving it. That’s when you realise that not everything is as it looks like, sometimes things are a lot harder.

Moving Piano

A few weeks ago we decided to move. That of course, meant trouble in terms of packing, loading and hiring transportation to make the move. And while moving stuff like clothes, appliances and even furniture is somehow easy, moving a 1000 kilograms heavy piano is not. That, my friends, makes you put the finger on your head and reconsider whether getting one and owning it is really that good.

A DIY piano moving procedure means you have to figure a way to move that large instrument through your small doors without breaking it or allowing anything inside the instrument to turn over. Next, you need to see how and what can you disassemble in order to do it. And then, you need to assemble everything back together. Finally, you need to make sure you don’t damage the doors while getting it out of the house. All of these and a couple more are the reasons why I decided to hire piano moving professionals and spare myself the headaches.

Piano moving professionals know their job and when they took over my case, I curiously stopped to watch them do their magic. They knew exactly which parts of the instrument can be taken off – something that I didn’t. They also knew how to protect both the piano and the doors from scratches and breakage with their specialized moving blankets which I don’t have. And finally, they’re a team of a few very strong men who know how their teammates function. They’re synchronized and get the job done fast and easy. It would’ve probably taken me days to assemble a team and spend a few hours to go over the ‘who’s the boss’ dispute.

Bottom line is, if you’re going to own something as large and complex as a piano and eventually you need to move it, make sure you don’t do it on your own. It’s just sad to cause so much damage just because you wanted to be your wife’s hero for the day.

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