Designer Arm Chair: The Ultimate Element in Decorating Interiors with Flair

Take a good look at your home, each and every room and think: What’s the place that’s most used for getting together with loved ones or enjoying some quality time alone in the company of a good book or your favourite show? You guessed it, it’s the living room!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the life of the party and love to entertain, or you’re an introvert who’d rather spend most of the time on your own, fact is the living room is where it’s all at, the room for fun and relaxation. As such, it needs a touch of stylishness and comfort to bring that entertaining and relaxing vibe, and you wouldn’t be wrong in choosing designer arm chairs as your main elements for this very purpose.

What’s great about this solution is one can never have enough chairs, especially when they’re cosy with high quality luxurious upholstery, in the example of velvet or heavy duty linen, and the warmth of materials like oak, spicing up the interior with intricately carved legs.

Don’t worry, if you’re up for a more minimalist look stripped of the ornaments and the focus is more on the seamless design, there’s always a simpler variant to be found in sleek materials like stainless steel for the base.

designer armchairs for living room

Why Designer and Not Replica?

Now this is a question many of us make when having to purchase an armchair. When one hears designer, usually it’s accompanied by the thought of exaggerated prices yet it’s far from the truth because you don’t have to strictly go for one that’s limited edition nowadays when the options of modern designer arm chairs abound and you’re likely to find one that’s affordable and in the design, colour and materials you love.

The more obvious reason to make this choice would be that of quality; sure, replica nowadays are made from a higher quality of materials which wasn’t the case before, and the craftsmanship is at a higher level, however when comparing designer chairs with replica, the first still stand out when making the investment long-term as they offer true comfort and value for your money with their lasting beauty and durability.

Moreover, if you want to support a designer’s painstaking work and allow them to continue making their dream designs come to life, there’s no doubt you ought to pick their products which guarantee authenticity.

modern armchairs for living room

Wise Decisions Equal Great Shopping

Don’t be surprised if you end up liking more than one chair, falling in love with their lines and stylishness. Before you make the decision though, it’s important to consider everything about the certain designer arm chairs that catch your eye, starting from where and how you intend to use them.

For instance, the first step would be to decide whether you’d use them as the main elements to make your interior décor pop with their colours and patterns while filling it up with cosiness, or would you go for a more subtle role instead as merely extra seating.

If the answer is yes to the first, then you require function and fashion equally whereas for the latter the focus would be on the function. This would also be of help in choosing from the various options and making up your mind on which design would best suit your home.

gray modern arm chairs

Making the Decision

There are several factors you’d have to have in mind prior to saying you’ve definitely chosen the chair(s) for you. It’s needless to say you ought to start from the size considerations which largely depends on where you intend to place the chairs.

If there’s enough space, ask yourself whether you’d like to create a cosy nook ideal for reading books, watching TV or as the spot for conversation using a pair of armchairs instead. A pair of chairs also works great in a corner when you don’t know how else to fill it up.

Likewise, it’s essential to think way ahead so getting certain designer arm chairs should also depend on whether or not you plan on placing them elsewhere in the home whenever you’re in need of interior change, be it in the home office, the library or the bedroom. What this means is you have to think of the bigger picture even when choosing a chair’s style and colour.

Next up, making a statement! It’s great if you don’t mind going bold with your colour choices however don’t forget to think of the interior décor as a whole before you introduce a chair that stands out from the rest. Spicing up the abode with some vibrant tones is okay but not at the expense of creating an outcome that’s an eyesore.

In case you’re more of the “mix and match” type, you have the green light to choose a pair of different armchairs as long as the colours don’t differ too much and the materials and styles are rather similar to create a more harmonious look.

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