Cat Independence: The Benefits of a Door for Cats

To all the cat owners their cat becomes their baby as soon as they welcome it in the family, even though not all would like to admit it, and it’s understandable because you get to care for them and share everything, both your good days and your bad days.

What we fail to notice however is the fact our feline kids have lives of their own too, whether we like it or not. Not every cat is the same, some might be fine with indoor life and staying entertained with toys while others are more free-spirited and need the outdoors just like we do, playing with insects and chasing birds.

If you want to allow your cat to have its independence and as a result positively affect health (adventures don’t go well with obesity) and overall well-being count on the help of a door for cats.

Considering they’re available in different sizes, designs and shapes, you’re sure to find whatever fits you and your cat the most, having in mind they’re stylish too and would upgrade the look of your door or sliding window and even add to the curb appeal of the home as a whole.

In case you’re looking for a door for cats with useful features, getting one with weather seal flap that’s great for reducing draughts while at the same time have more flexibility with the cat’s movement thanks to a manual locking dial is a nice option.

If you think about it, too much independence can also be a bad thing, especially when your cat is responsible for cat nuisance in the neighbourhood, which is why it’s important to be a responsible owner. What this means is you ought to provide your cat with balance between indoor and outdoor life, and take care of safety the best way you can.

This can be micro-chipping, essential not only for travelling abroad but also if your cat gets lost, followed by neutering. This goes both for male and female cats, and it helps prevent unwanted behaviour, like destroying other people’s gardens and fighting with other cats over territory and sexual competition, and of course health-wise, it protects from feline AIDS spread through bites, infections and cancer.

Likewise, it’s a great option if you don’t want to be surprised with kittens! A little training goes a long way also, and it’s advisable to teach your cat some behavioral lessons using the help of toys, treats and of course catnip to get faster results. Happy and fulfilled cat makes a happy owner!

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