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Beyond Netflix Binging: Hobbies to Try to Keep You Occupied and Entertained

There are many different types of hobbies that people enjoy doing in their leisure time. However, nowadays with the prevalence of Netflix and its still growing massive archive of movies and series, it’s getting harder and harder to pry yourself from the TV for long enough to even think about getting a different past time. To be clear, I am not trying to say you sould give it up entirely, however, if you are midway through your third consecutive viewing of “Stranger Things”, you may need a little change of activity. And luckily, there are plenty to choose from.

rc buggy

One such activity that has gained quite a bit of popularity recently is RC cars. These little cars come in many different models, like the Rc car buggy, and are enjoyed for the simplicity of the hobby itself. All you have to do is insert some batteries in the car and the radio controller and you can get started right away. Like most good hobbies, you can get as involved in it as you like. This means that you can simply drive it around and nothing more, or if you develop a bigger interest, you could get any of the large line of additional items that go along with it.

Reading is another really great hobby you could pick up. First of all it provides a good contrast to looking at a screen all day, since you will be able to rest your eyes and experience a story in a completely different way. Secondly, many book readers will attest that there is no better way to pass the time, albeit not entirely intentionally. What I mean by that is that when you find a book that you like, even if you only meant to read a single chapter, you will more than likely glue yourself to a chair for so long that day will turn to night in the blink of an eye.

Probably the most overlooked hobby that people can start is learning something new. The problem is that many see the development of new skills more as work, rather than a fun past time. But that will only be the case if you make it so. If you start doing photography, painting, playing an instrument, or anything else really, the most important thing is that you have fun with it. It’s OK if you’re awful at it, since nobody is going to grade your work at the end of the day. There is enough stress in your life. At least when it comes to your free time, try and enjoy whatever it is you want to do, even if you think you are horrible at it.

If you want you could get everything from the Rc car buggy to painting supplies and try out any hobby you like. Or you could simply go back to Netflix. Ultimately what you choose to do with whatever precious free time you have is entirely up to you, since nothing can be said to be a waste of time if it was time you enjoyed while you were wasting it.

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