The Best Supplements for Improved Muscle and Nerve Function

As the pandemic has shifted our focus on building a strong immune system, we forgot all about the importance of caring for our nervous system and muscle functions. But the truth is, with all the lockdowns and being bombarded with all kinds of bad news from all over the world, our mental health and physical strength have suffered a great deal.

So, now that the risk of getting a COVID infection is lower here in Australia, it’s time that we give our nerves and muscles the love they deserve. And this means going outside as often as possible to get some fresh air and natural vitamin D, and eating a diet rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals, not just zinc. Unfortunately, our food these days is strikingly deficient in nutrients, so no surprise many people are short on some important vitamins and minerals for muscle and nerve function.



But just as there are many supplements that help boost the immune system, there are also an equal amount of products designed to improve muscle and nerve function. But before you go browsing the range of supplements, it’s important to know that loading yourself with an unnecessary amount of them is harmful. Like every other substance, too much of a particular vitamin or mineral can cause hypervitaminosis and lead to toxicity.

So, just as you would be careful when shopping for medication online, it’s also important to take it slow and get properly informed before you buy supplements. That said, the following information can be of great help in finding the product you need and using it wisely.

Which Supplements Do You Need?

Magnesium – If You Suffer from Muscle Spasms and Sleeplessness

Magnesium is a remarkable mineral and essential for the body’s overall functioning. But what this mineral is mostly known for is for nourishing the brain, nerves and muscles. Unfortunately, magnesium can easily get depleted due to stress and eating a diet rich in processed foods and sugars. Luckily, these days you can find quality magnesium vitamins in a well-stocked online pharmacy and get your body back on track.

Magnesium-for-muscul-painIf you’re fierce on workouts and leading healthy lifestyle, you already know the health benefits of this using magnesium tablets or a magnesium supplement powder. Magnesium is the go-to supplement when you need to recuperate from hard physical activity or when exploring the Outback for instance.

Magnesium also helps with muscle spasms, as it relaxes the nerves simultaneously helping to reduce the symptoms. So, if you struggle with strains and spasms due to whatever reason, supplementing with this mineral can be of help.

Deficiency in magnesium can manifest as intense sleeplessness, and higher anxiety. Supplementation with magnesium can calm down the nerves and improve sleep quality.



If you’re all for the natural intake, foods that have high levels of magnesium are dark chocolate, quinoa, spinach, almonds, black beans and other magnesium-rich foods. Getting the recommended intake of magnesium can refine your bone mineral density and muscle tone. This is extremely helpful with sports injuries, and for the elderly who suffer from osteoporosis.

Vitamin B – If You’re on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

B complex is a composition of the vitamins from B1- B12. These vitamins are helpful in treating the nervous system, especially the ones suffering from peripheral neuropathy and anxiety. They have benefits in proper nerve and muscle function, healthy digestion and healthy cell growth. Vitamin B-12 is especially involved in regulating the mental functions and production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters.

If you’re eating a vegetarian or vegan diet, it’s important to supplement with B-12 or B complex, since they’re mostly found in meat and dairy products.

vitamin-b-vitamin-cVitamin C to Prevent Oxidative Stress

Vitamin C helps the body fight infections and produce high amounts of collagen. Adults who supplement with vitamin C are less likely to suffer from dry skin and wrinkles. It also increases iron absorption significantly and helps the body fight better with the common cold.

But what vitamin C is less known is for being an important stress relief factor. It is proven that vitamin C protects against oxidative stress and controls neuronal development, thus helping to preserve the nervous system in good condition. What’s more, scurvy or vitamin C deficiency has been linked to some levels of depression and cognitive impairment.

Fish Oil and Omega-3 Acid to Reduce Inflammation

While fat is generally not okay, there is one type of fat you should regularly consume, and that is Omega-3 fatty acids which can be easily supplemented as fish oil. Most of the components of Omega 3 acids are vitamin A and D. It is known for its proven benefits to enhance mood, the ability to reduce stress and inflammation in the body. Bodybuilders and fitness athletes can also benefit from this fatty acid, as omega 3 can act as anti-inflammatory remedy, it also can reduce muscle soreness and boost muscle strength.



Other Factors That Contribute to Nerve and Muscle Health

Besides getting a helping hand from the range of supplements on the market, it’s also recommended to adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Many other habits can contribute to improving the state of your nerves and muscles.

Uninterrupted sleep is important for the body to function sufficiently. Sleep is necessary for maintaining the brain’s health, processing new information and preserving memory. The cerebrospinal fluid cleans the toxic waste only during sleep and has restorative effects on the brain. Irregular sleeping patterns can cause your brain to lose healthy cells that can slow down your thinking.

Equal to sleeping, the habit of skipping breakfast does you no good. Skipping a meal can cause blood glucose levels to drop and affect the brain’s functioning. If you are in a hurry every morning, try to wake up early and have a bite or just grab something on the way.

Inadequate water intake can contribute to an unbalanced working body. Water has a great role in the process of eliminating toxins from the body. When the body is fully hydrated, the brain will receive more healthy nutrients that lead to better concentration and coordination.

facts-for-better-healthSmoking and consuming alcohol can cause chemical imbalance in the body. Due to the abuse of these substances, the brain can become damaged over time and can result in diseases that attack the nervous system like dementia, alzheimer and multiple sclerosis.

A healthy lifestyle and routine exercise play a big role in boosting your mental resilience and keeping your nerves and muscles happy. Imbalance of one vitamin can cause a chain reaction and insufficient bodywork. If you are not deficient in any nutriment, there would be no way of knowing which particular vitamin you’ll benefit from. But optimising your diet and eating diverse foods is beneficial for your overall health, and supplementing with the needed vitamins can help you tackle your daily hurdles.

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