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6 Benefits of Drinking Tea

Looking for a healthy beverage option that is both delicious and nutritious? Don’t want to waste time brewing coffee or slaving away in the kitchen? Well, look no further than the humble cup of tea! We all know that tea is flavourful and refreshing, but did you also know it offers a host of health benefits?

Whether you’re indulging in a cup of warm chai tea or treating yourself to a chilled herbal brew, this beverage powerhouse is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that can help support your body in a number of ways. And it’s up to you to visit a well-equipped tea shop online to purchase some of the best varieties and reap all the major benefits.

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What Are the Benefits of Drinking Tea?

Improves Heart Health

Tea is rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body. This can help prevent cardiovascular disease and improve overall heart health. The potent anti-inflammatory properties soothe the blood vessels and reduce cholesterol buildup, which is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes.

In addition, paying regular visits to your local tea shop can assist in managing high blood pressure. In fact, you can lower your systolic blood pressure, the top number in your reading, by up to 4–6 mm Hg through regular tea consumption.

Boosts Energy Levels

Given the fast-paced world we live in today, it’s no surprise that most of us find ourselves dragging from time to time. It can be difficult to maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day and most of us tend to reach for unhealthy energy drinks or caffeinated beverages to get a quick boost.

However, tea is an excellent alternative that can provide sustained energy without the crash. It contains caffeine in smaller amounts compared to coffee, which works in tandem with the amino acid L-theanine to give you a sustained boost of energy without the jitters that come with a strong coffee.

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Helps with Weight Loss

The inherent antioxidant properties found in tea can help you maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that those who drink this beverage on a daily basis tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who don’t.

It is believed that the catechins in their composition act as a fat burner, helping to break down the accumulated fats in the body and reducing your overall weight. It also increases metabolism, which is essential for burning calories and losing weight.

As you’re browsing through a tea shop online you’ll notice that green tea has the highest amount of catechins and is therefore one of the best teas for weight loss. It has also been known to reduce water retention and bloating, giving you a slimmer profile.

Protects Mental Health

These days, it’s increasingly necessary to take care of our mental health and manage stress levels. And tea is one of the best drinks for this purpose as it helps reduce cortisol, the stress hormone that increases anxiety and interferes with your sleep.

Herbal teas, such as chamomile and lavender, are especially helpful in calming the mind and helping you relax. Their sedative properties can offer some much-needed relief from the everyday stress of life and improve cognitive performance.

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Supports Healthy Gut Function

There’s no doubt that gut health plays a critical role in overall well-being. An upset stomach, nausea and abdominal pain can significantly reduce our quality of life, with some even leading to more serious conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Fortunately, consuming specific types of tea can reduce these symptoms and help maintain a healthy gut. The anti-inflammatory properties found in herbal teas, such as ginger and peppermint, can help reduce inflammation and thus improve digestion.

Additionally, they can assist with balancing your gut bacteria, and aiding in the absorption of essential nutrients. If there’s an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the stomach, these teas can help to get it back into balance.

Keeps Your Bones Healthy

Believe it or not, regular tea consumption can also help you maintain strong bones. Studies have shown that those who do tend to have higher bone mineral density, which is essential for keeping your bones healthy and preventing fractures.

Additionally, this beverage contains fluoride, which helps to prevent cavities and decay while also strengthening your teeth. The calcium in its composition aids in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, which are key to maintaining a healthy skeletal system.

How Often Should You Drink Tea?

While it’s beneficial to drink tea regularly, there is no set amount that should be consumed each day. Everyone has different needs and preferences and it is best to find a balance that works for you.

In general, most people are comfortable drinking up to three or four cups per day. This is classified as moderate to high tea consumption and is perfectly safe for most people.

If you’re looking to maximise the effects of this beverage, try to drink it between meals and on an empty stomach. This will ensure that all of the active compounds are absorbed quickly and efficiently.

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