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5 Motorcycle Essentials for a More Convenient and Comfortable Ride

To make the whole motorcycle riding experience unforgettable you need more than just a motorcycle. Skilled bikers know how important proper gear is for flawless performance. It can help you get the most out of every ride. So, before starting the engine, make sure you have everything you need.

A Motorbike Rack for Transportation

Motorbike racks are essential if you want to transport your motorcycle somewhere far away. Yes, motorcycles are made for riding but sometimes the distance is greater than the capacity of the bike to conquer it. So, instead of going through the process of trial and error, learn from the mistakes of others and get yourself a motorbike carrier. There’s always an easier way. The motorcycle carrier is the easier way.

motorbike racks

Before choosing from a large number of motorbike racks for transportation, you need to go through the pros and cons of each one, and of course, get a rack that will be suitable for your type of motorcycle. The racks have a weight capacity limit, meaning that if your motorbike is heavier, it won’t be able to hold it and the purchase will be in vain.

Motorbike carriers need to be attached to the back of the car and they must be lightweight because the weight of the rack along with the weight of the motorbike might be a bit too much for the car. You need a rack whose main tube is made of steel and the other parts are made of aluminium. Aluminium is known to be a very strong material although it isn’t heavy.

Transportation racks are designed to keep the motorbike steady during the trip even if the trip happens to be on rough terrains. You’ll be able to take the motorbike with you regardless of the location. They come with additional tie-downs that add to the level of security and prevent unnecessary motion.

Motorbike racks are very durable. With proper care, you can use this tool for a lifetime. Diverse weather conditions don’t affect the quality of the rack as it doesn’t corrode or rust. It’s worth spending money on.

Mini Digital Motoscope with LED Display

The digital motoscope is a motorcycle instrument that displays values (engine speed) important for the motorcyclist. Motoscopes are important motorbike accessories that come in many different shapes and sizes and you should pick the one that will suit your motorbike best. A great choice is the mini motoscope with an LED display. It is the perfect mix of innovative technology and amazing design that can upgrade the whole look of the motorcycle.

Motoscopes are usually made of aluminium which makes them durable and damage-resistant. The electronic parts are moulded in and protected from dust and rain. LED lights make the readings visible both when it’s dark and when the sun shines bright which is an important detail.

The motorscope is super easy to mount on the motorbike and on any other vehicle for that matter. Even if you don’t have previous experience with something like that, you’ll manage to do the installation on your own.

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A Top-Notch Helmet Lock

There’s nothing more important for a motorbike rider than the helmet. It’s the one thing that can save your life if you happen to fall off the motorbike or suffer some sort of accident. If you go for a really good helmet, you’ll need to spend a bit more money and that’s okay, as long as you make everything you can to prevent theft. You can do that by investing in a helmet lock. The helmet lock is the best way to keep your helmet safe and sound while your motorbike is parked somewhere.

There are many different types of helmet locks and some are more effective than others. You can get a carabiner-style helmet lock that can be programmed to unlock with a 4-digit numeral code. It has a simple design and it’s incredibly hard to tamper with. Another good option is the helmet lock with a wire, lock and key. This is a very reliable, durable and robust type of lock.

Helmet locks are affordable and the best solution when it comes to protecting your helmet. No one will be able to steel it if you lock it nicely before leaving it.

Motorcycle Chain Oiler

Motorcycle Chain Oiler

What is a motorcycle chain oiler? The chain oiler is the thing that automatically applies oil to your chains and lubricates them while you’re riding your bike. You need the oiler if you want to avoid chain problems and at the same time prolong the lifespan of the chains and sprockets.

Instead of going through the trouble of manually applying oil you can get a chain oiler and solve the problem. You’re highly likely to create a big mess while trying to apply oil on your own because oil for manual application is sticky (so that it stays on the surface). Getting oil all over yourself is not an option unless you’re ready to throw away your clothes afterwards.

Leaving the chains unlubricated can lead to damage and you’ll have to change them for costly new ones. You can avoid all that by simply investing in a chain oiler. Buying a chain oiler is the best (and painless) option out of them all.

Brake Light Modulator

The brake light modulator is an accessory that adds a couple of brake light modes to the existing tail light of your motorcycle. The lights are important because they can help you signal other drivers. You can choose between basic and LED lights, and of course, LED flashing warning lights are better although basic ones will serve their purpose as well.

The light modulator is very easy to install and program later. All you need to do is get the placement of the wires right. This accessory is also something that will last you for quite some time. Most of the modulators are universal so regardless of the brand of the motorcycle it will work flawlessly.

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