LED Wall Lights: Designs Where Style and Ecology Merge

Some people dream of far away places, others dream of home makeovers. As much as I like travelling (who doesn’t?), I find there’s nothing that completes me quite like changing my living area. No matter where I’m at with the decorating process, there’s always room for some improvement. Of course, this has led me to overestimate my funds more often than not, but at least I’m now confident enough in my own decorating skills and can save on hiring professionals to put the pieces of my interior décor together. What I’d realised along the years and all of my experience in makeovers was it’s not all just about the change of surroundings, but the bettering of living conditions as well. For me this meant finding the solution to energy waste.


First thing I had to do was take care of insulation and for me the solution was hiding in window treatments. After getting to know more about the different options, cellular shades were the choice I went for, perfect insulation and furniture and floor protection from UV rays. Next, I felt it was my mission to reconsider my lighting fixtures, particularly the choices of bulbs I’d made years ago. This brought about the discovery I had practically all sorts of light bulbs, the widespread warm incandescent and the cold fluorescent which meant I hadn’t exactly been prudent concerning energy efficiency. Unlike in the past when changing to LEDs was only the option for some who could afford to, nowadays things have changed for the better at the convenience of everyone which is how the beautiful LED wall lights found their way to my home.

Starting out in the 1960s, the accidental invention of LEDs by the US scientist Nick Holonyak and his team, who were actually trying to create a laser, has remarkably changed the world. Consuming up to 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, the LEDs are the perfect choice for everyone who is up for implementing some eco-friendly designs at home. Their long operational life and durability, able to withstand the roughest conditions of weather and vibrations, means you’d get to save on frequent bulbs purchase and replacement. As I’d seen, there are the LED wall lights products to match every style and serve up to everyone’s needs, so if you’re up for giving your home a well deserved upgrade, lighting fixtures is the way to go with accentuating the energy efficient options.

Now that I have them, I’m reaping all the benefits, from instant lighting, no radiated heat emmission and low maintenance, to a range of colours creating different ambiance, and of course, lesser amount of electricity bills to pay and I’m finally satisfied with the process, having made the wise stylistic and eco-friendly choice. Lumens, not watts – they’re the future.

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