grease gun

Grease Gun: The Basic Lubricating Tool

Nowadays, thanks to the influence of technology, we can say there’s definitely plenty to choose from when it comes to tools for your garage so you could consider it well-equipped. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go on a shopping spree, and start buying anything and everything, but rather make a consideration on what to buy, choosing tools that are versatile, and would be of use with various tasks; that’s what makes for a worthy investment. This way you save your garage from cluttering as well!

Though there sure are plenty of other tools you’d think of that are multi-purpose, when it comes to lubrication, you just can’t overlook the importance of getting a battery operated grease gun. Easier to operate, and charge, also known as cordless, made of durable materials, this grease gun is a mighty tool to have as it enables you to efficiently lubricate all sorts of machinery, covering up your daily tasks with up to 10.000 PSI strength.

Getting a pistol grip, battery operated grease gun that also has a nonslip tube holder, and lever mechanism enables you to control the back pressure as you push the back of the gun, so you have more control over the lubrication. Thanks to its compactness, it’s the ideal tool for a variety of machinery that needs to be greased. I’m not going to talk about factories, because certainly with the number of machinery there, the grease guns are part of the basic inventory – I’m going to mention a few basic tools and vehicles you have in your household instead.

Starting from something as basic and essential as a lawn mower in your household, with its hard to reach spindles, deck pedal lift, and axel pivot, a grease gun makes labour all the easier for you as you can quickly take care of lubrication and carry on with more chores. Another tool that could do well with greasing with this gun is the chainsaw and its bar nose bearings, as it fits perfectly with the edges of the sprocket holes to provide them with enough lubricant.

If you’re dealing with agriculture, and a tractor is your buddy, you can count on the cordless grease gun too for properly lubricating the moving bits and pieces – the fittings. Other vehicles, like sports cars and heavy duty trucks also call for the help of the grease gun for their fittings, particularly those designs where fittings are located in the drive shafts.

Though it wouldn’t seem like there are any potential risks or injuries using the grease gun, it’s a tool after all, working with pressure, so it wouldn’t hurt to wear protective glasses, gloves, as well as non-slippery shoes whenever using it.

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