heavy duty trolleys

All You Need to Know When Buying Trolleys

No matter how strong you may be, lifting heavy loads is extremely hard, especially if that’s a part of your job and you do it on a daily basis. Moreover, lifting packages can be inconvenient, as they’re oftentimes hard to handle. For this reason (and numerous more that I’ll discuss), managers who are in charge of material handling operations opt to get trolleys. Trolleys help you move heavy items at the workplace safely and conveniently. These affordable pieces of equipment can also boost productivity and employee satisfaction, while simultaneously reduce the number of paid leave days due to injury or fatigue.

There are various different types of trolleys, from light duty trolleys for carrying multiple small packages to heavy duty trolleys meant for carrying a ton of weight (literally). Depending on the type of packages and products your facility deals with, your choices will vary. However, it’s recommended that you get trolleys that are made with durability and practicality in mind so that workers feel safe and confident when operating with them.

heavy duty trolleys

Heavy duty trolleys are typically made of steel or some sort of alloy. The most popular materials used for trolleys include stainless and aluminium. Aluminium trolleys are lightweight and durable, while stainless steel models are heavier but they are even more durable, which makes them fit for carrying extremely heavy weight. Light duty trolleys, on the other hand, are usually made of plastic, polypropylene and aluminium frames and they’re usually used for carrying tools in industrial settings, or documents and other light items in office settings.

Some models feature a cage for added safety and shelves for easier organising. In fact, some models are adjustable and have removable shelves so that you can decide whether you need them or not. Conversely, there are simple platform models that only feature a flat platform and handles on one or both sides for easy manoeuvering.

The range of trolleys you can pick from is very broad. From 2-tier, 3-tier and foldable trolleys to hand trolleys, lifting trolleys and multi-purpose ones, there’s a model fit for every type of facility and application. Online shopping has made it easy for many businesses to find their ideal trolley online and have it delivered straight to their workplace.

The bottom line is – if there are certain things in your facility that need to be transported from one place to another, then the trolley is the ideal piece of material handling equipment for you. It’s an affordable investment that won’t break your bank, yet will bear long-term health and productivity benefits for your employees, thus for your entire business.

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