The Benefits of Adjustable Electric Beds

The Benefits of Adjustable Electric Beds

Did you spend another night tossing and turning in bed, trying to find the right position? Your partner was snoring, and you couldn’t sleep a wink? Are you recovering from an injury, and your old bed is just not suitable for you? Or the pain in your back and joints made it impossible to get that much-needed rest?

Nowadays, you can do something about these issues. The adjustable electric beds provide multiple lifestyle benefits that upgrade relaxation, improve sleep and relieve pain.

When using beds with electric adjustable bases, people can regulate the base for the upper and/or lower body, achieving the desired position. Many also have the option to be set for zero gravity, a position that aligns your neck, spine, and hips, relieving pressure points. And all of this provides the comfort you need for uninterrupted sleep.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits that come from sleeping on an adjustable bed.

Reduced Back Pain

Most adults have experienced lower back pain at some point in their lives. It is one of the main reasons for work disability and can seriously affect the quality of life. Whether it is caused by a medical condition, poor posture, sleeping in bad positions or stress, the pain is real. By elevating the head and legs, there is less pressure on the lower back which allows the muscles to relax and recover.

Reduced Back Pain

With an adjustable bed, you can find the right angle to support the contours of your whole body. You can raise the foot region, keeping the knees bent and the legs levitating enough to provide comfort for the spine.

The zero-gravity position or neutral body posture, which was actually discovered by NASA, is the best position to reduce the pressure on your joints. The body feels weightless since gravity is falling evenly on every part of the body. You can find the perfect balance by elevating the upper and lower parts of the bed at the recommended angles.

The electric motors and wireless remote controls make the process of adjusting easy and quick, so you can achieve the most comfortable sitting or lying position without having to move.

Improve Blood Circulation

If you have poor circulation, leg swelling, or suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes, with these beds with electric adjustable bases, you can assume positions that will increase blood flow to the heart and the entire body. A simple leg elevation encourages better circulation, which in turn improves a number of ailments. Having a proper circulation of blood in the body not only ensures the healthy functioning of the essential organs but also keeps immunity levels high.

Improve Digestion, Reduce Heartburn

Lying flat while sleeping slows down the processes of digestion and can cause stomach troubles in the morning. The position can also create acid reflux and heartburn during the night. You can prevent this by elevating the head to hinder the contents from your stomach from getting to your esophagus.

Relieve Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Asthma

Another side-effect of sleeping on a flat surface is the pressure on the windpipe that reduces the flow of oxygen. The loosened tissue around the back of your throat partially blocks the airways, and the result is snoring.

Relieve Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Asthma

The condition is even more serious for people suffering from sleep apnea or asthma. They constantly wake up during the night and therefore do not fall into a deep sleep. Sleeping at an incline keeps the airways clean and open, reducing snoring and easing breathing.

Some adjustable beds allow sleepers on both sides of the mattress to program their own settings, so you and your partner can sleep at different angles accommodating your personal needs. That should bring some peace in the house over who snores more.

More Independence

Equipped with a wireless remote control or apps, electrical beds can be easily operated by elderly people or people with mobility problems only with a touch of a button. This gives them more independence and reduces the need for assistance to get on or off the bed.

Some models come with the ability to raise and lower the bed, making it easier for caregivers to help in the transferring to and from a mobility aid, avoiding the need to lean down and over. The optional addition of safety rails on both sides is possible as well.

Additional Features

The ergonomic reclining beds also come with some more functionality and fun features. There is no better way to fall asleep than having a neck and foot vibrating massage to send you snoozing after a long, exhausting day. You can control the intensity of the massage with the remote control and relax.

On top of this, the latest models come with LED lighting under the bed, USB charging ports and Bluetooth compatibility, and a ‘wall hugger’ feature with a matching surround. So, paired with a compatible mattress, you get your personal sleeping heaven.

Final Points

The electric adjustable beds are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, that can fit in your décor and add luxury to your time in bed. If you enjoy watching TV in the evening or reading a book before bed, do so with ease on an adjustable bed. Relaxing with your upper body elevated prevents you from straining your neck or shoulders while you relax, and eliminates messing with stacks of pillows.

To Sum Up

We all know how important it is to get a good sleep and feel rested and energized the next day. Scientific research shows that sleep is linked to psychological, emotional, and mental recovery, as well as, learning and memory. All vital aspects of our lives. Taking time to consider all the benefits you will get with such a bedroom upgrade is more than worth it.

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