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The Right Access Equipment for Your Business

Everyone that owns and runs a business, no matter how small or how large, will know just how many aspects need to be observed, how many moving parts there are and how many little details can’t be overlooked. One of the most important parts of any business is the equipment, meaning having the right tools for the job at hand, having enough to keep up with the supply and demand you have, and being sure that the tools you are using are reliable. These are common requirements for every type of equipment, including the most under-appreciated one, which is the access equipment.

The role of access equipment is to allow the person using it to gain easy access to an item or area. Even though it may sound like a set of very few items with limited uses, the truth is that there are many different kinds of these tools that you can choose from that are used in a variety of businesses. They can be used for everything from grabbing a packet of cereal of the shelf to loading and unloading incredibly heavy products in storage. These items can differ in many aspects, but the main difference is their size, and which one you ought to get mostly depends on the scale of your business and the space you have at your disposal.

scaffold tower

When it comes to non electrical access equipment, it’s pretty hard to top an old standard like the ladder. These are light, can vary in height and are slim and easy to fit anywhere that has a level floor. The downside is that they aren’t exactly known to be the safest and even one slip can lead to an accident. There is of course the scaffold tower as well, which is safer, but it takes up much more room.scissor lifts

Speaking of taking up a lot of room, the most popular electrical tools in this category are the scissor lifts and the boom lifts. The boom lifts do give peerless manoeuvrability and come with safety harnesses, which immediately puts them above the ladders, but if you though the scaffold tower took up space, then the boom lift will feel like a tank. The scissor lifts, on the other hand, only go vertically and can be about on par with the scaffolds in terms of height, but are much more practical for lifting heavy loads. It also goes without saying that these tools are much more expensive than their simpler counterparts.

boom lifts

In summary – both of these types of equipment have their benefits and drawbacks and depending on the role that you want them to play in your business, both of them can be perfect for the job.

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